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Russian public opinion on reconstruction of overseas military base at present new network of the most defensive – Russian public opinion on reconstruction of overseas military base Author: reporter Wang Jiabo Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nicola? Said in the Russian State Duma pankov not long ago, the Russian Defense Ministry is studying the possibility of Russian military base to return to Cuba and vietnam. He said that the Russian Defense Ministry is currently reviewing the decision to cancel the Russian military bases in Cuba and vietnam. Once upon a time, the Soviet Union overseas military bases all over the world. In 2002, as president Putin has ordered the closure of the Russian military base in Cuba and Vietnam, Russia only a few overseas military bases are numbered, mainly distributed in the territory of the CIS countries and nations such as Syria and cyprus. The main base for deployment of anti missile early warning system for Russia’s strategic missile forces services, such as the deployment of radar station in Belarus on the Volga and deployed in Gambara radar station in Azerbaijan; second is the completion of military action, and has relatively strong combat effectiveness of the military units, such as the air force base in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan in the 201st division base in Armenia, the 102nd division base, army base in Abkhazia and South ossetia. In addition, the Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan and several weapons test site, test center and range, Russia in the test base, in the territory of Kyrgyzstan Navy anti submarine deployed DOD earthquake test rooms and other facilities, can also be regarded as a military base outside russia. In recent years, with the Russian Air Force has shocked the world in Syria, the air strikes, the international public opinion will naturally pay more attention to the Russian air base in Syria. As can be seen, in Russia, a small number of overseas military bases, in addition to the establishment of military bases in Central Asia and Syria in order to protect their traditional sphere of influence, most of them have obvious defensive nature. With the change of the international situation, especially the relationship between Russia and the United States has the Ukraine crisis since the confrontation, Russia needs to restore military bases overseas, to expand their power status and international space. Russian Defense Minister had said that Russia will establish a new military base in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia. In the summer of 2014, Russia’s "business man" reported that Russia and Cuba seem to have reached an agreement to restore Russia’s Radio Electronics Center in Cuba, the negotiations are put forward after the crisis in Ukraine. But Putin then publicly denied this rumor, the Kremlin spokesman Per Skov tactfully said: "the world situation is not calm, changing, especially in the past two years, the qualitative changes of international affairs and the international security system, so all countries in the world are starting from their own national interests, to evaluate these changes and take the necessary measures." However, in the context of economic downturn, Russia has the strength to build overseas military bases? Russian public opinion is not worried about this. Russian media said, operating in the Cuban Radio Electronics Center in fact not much money to spend. Cuba in 1992 before the base is completely free of charge, in 1992 began to charge $90 million per year. But Russia geopolitical相关的主题文章: