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See the world: 7 months pregnant nurse kneeling lift half hour collapsed 7 months pregnant fetal head nurse kneeling lift for half an hour after the ground collapsed the original title: fetal umbilical cord prolapse hanging on pregnant nurse lifts half an hour recently, a nurse on the fetal head lift "pictures in the circle of friends scraper, lead users praise. The nurse from the people’s Hospital of Henan province in second, 34 years old, named Gu Lin, 7 months pregnant. In the rescue of a burst of umbilical cord prolapse hidden lead to fetal distress of patients, in order to ensure fetal breathing, fetal head lifts her knees for more than and 30 minutes. Fetal heart abnormal fetal head nurse elected moderate oppression in September 23rd 11, the hospital is in the delivery room for ancient Lynn midwife a mother. "You’re great! Good performance, continue refueling!" Gu Lin close attention to maternal, constantly with warm words to encourage her. Although already 7 months pregnant, belly, but like all medical workers, ancient Lynn still stick to the first line of work. All of a sudden, fetal heart abnormalities occur, the original steady in the 130 minute heartbeat suddenly dropped to 60 times per minute, and is also rapidly declining. Patients with cervix opening 5, uterine contraction rules, each contraction will cause compression of umbilical cord, fetal hypoxia, fetal heart continued to decline. Fetal heart is an important indicator of fetal monitoring in the maternal condition, fetal heart sudden collapse means that the child had an intrauterine distress, there is the risk of hypoxia asphyxia. Duty doctor Xu Bingshuang, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology, rushed to the Wang Ruijuan, may be hidden umbilical cord prolapse, must immediately surgery." The incidence of occult prolapse of umbilical cord is only 0.4% ~ 10%, which means that the umbilical cord is located in the front or side of the fetal presentation when the membrane is not broken. The maternal cervix opening 5, uterine contraction rules, each contraction will cause fetal umbilical cord compression, severe hypoxia, fetal heart continued to decline, such as blood completely blocked more than 7 ~ 8min, the fetus may quickly died of suffocation. Not hesitate for a moment, Gu Lin immediately bulky waist, knelt on the ground, will hand into the maternal vaginal fetal head, hold moderate oppression. The lift is very effective, the fetal heart beat fast like a small train like "throws – throws – throws" to restore the normal frequency. At the same time, mother was rushed to the operation room, Gu Lin half bent keep lifting posture, through the long ward corridor, into the elevator, the elevator, with the cart trot rushed to maternal cesarean section surgery between. The end of his lift more than half an hour to sit on the floor to rest at the time of surgery operation paralysis, ancient Lynn hand always firmly against the fetal head, the operation area to avoid pollution, deeply she leaned over, the head and upper body buried in the blue sheets under operation. From the discovery of fetal abnormalities to the end of surgery, nearly 30 minutes, the Lynn nurse hands never left, until the child birth, issued the first tone loud cry. Ancient found because of tension, heat, hypoxia, the body has no strength, stuck to the operation room wall collapsed on the ground to rest. Later, Gu Lin said: "at that time did not have any distractions who will do so. To see her mother in peace, the baby health health, very happy." (Zheng Yu media correspondent Gu Changle Communications)相关的主题文章: