See your character from the color of the cabinet-aspack


From the color of the cabinet to see your character? The era is advancing, more and more people have sex. You see, pager, mobile phone to black and gray domination, followed by colorful; computer also appeared such as green apple, orange orange, peach powder bright shell; home is full color, even the kitchen, but also knowledge is everywhere, from designers to consumers with color are bold. Although the number of colors, but the martini. What color is suitable for the kitchen? What does color mean? What will be the effect? Have you thought about it? Blue???? full of fantastic colors, and always maintain clear, romantic feeling, cabinets in this space, is pure and lovely, provoking speculation. ?? Blue in the natural landscape, more fresh and elegant, rich decorative taste, especially for white-collar workers who work intensely, let the hustle and bustle of the heart quiet harbor. Blue and other colors, will also play an unexpected effect. The blue and yellow cabinet with adequate light, especially fresh eye-catching, two collocation show maturity and elegance, complement each other, harmony without losing flexibility. With orange red dotted blue cabinets, so that the deep increase in a lively and lively. Blue tone bold use of color, can let a person find everything fresh and new, refreshing mood arise spontaneously. In addition, plain and clear blue; dark blue modern avant-garde. Green???? relaxed and comfortable, pleasing color. Green is never used, never let a person tired of the theme, because it’s every point of change, are corresponding to the natural impression of mankind, so green for all who like it. From green into gray and green, dark purple, completed the transition from outdoor to indoor, the natural response of human visual space. Green fields such as the floor, yellow as autumn leaves dark green cabinet, such as pine needles of the table, a piece of natural beauty, make people feel click into place. With the green and pale blue, the kitchen is full of vitality. Living in green space, the dream is fresh. The bright and scattered green, as if people came to the mountains. Silver silver???? pop is a product of modern urban civilization, efficiency, health, positive and enthusiastic into them. Plain in showing the heavy silver, will also bring the world to return home from the bustle of the master, reply as soon as peace of mind. Fashion, the taste of consumers love this color. The silver and modern strong, personalized decorative prominent cabinets, are often inseparable, this tone cabinet attached to the cutting room delicate, like being in space vehicle. ?? Red? Passionate, full of festive colors. A young married couple with red most apt, can not only reflect the owner of strong, bold personality, can show more youth full of vigour and vitality, showing luxury. According to the test, red can make appetite peak. Red as the sun, as white as jade red and white combination, using white and slightly diluted red color caused by a monotonous feeling, make the whole more change, more angry. Red and yellow collocation is a warm with delight, vintage furniture and auspicious color techniques, will make cabinets showing a thriving new weather. Wood color???? recover the original simplicity rural color. Exposure to solid wood.相关的主题文章: