Shanghai medium-term propylene continuation of strong concern is set the opportunity winavi video converter


Shanghai: interim continuation of the strong attention is the opportunity to set the propylene clients view the latest market since eleven after the holiday, the price of polypropylene is gratifying gains, two continuous upward rise late price exceeded the previous high of 7700 yuan stage tons mark integer resistance continued to rise, the price performance of the whole period of strong. We believe that considering the influence of the polypropylene inventory pressure and downstream demand for grain, powder material spreads narrowed and profit chain shrink and other factors, the price is expected to continue strong polypropylene. While Shenhua Xinjiang, co-founder of transit and later is expected to put into operation the Ningxia Fuji and Saline Lake in Qinghai brought about by means of supply side increment is expected to more reflected in the far month contract. The trading strategy, in view of the fourth quarter in the inventory process is expected to take unilateral thinking to do more dips, polypropylene, arbitrage may be of concern to buy 01 sets of 05 polypropylene throwing opportunity. Analysis of main factors: first, the industrial chain inventory overall low, the fourth quarter or in the inventory process as everyone knows, eleven long Petrochemical will face in order to avoid the risk of inventory accumulation, large inventory pressure, the upstream petrochemical enterprises in September to take to the stock price strategy, it is not difficult for us to find September polypropylene factory price continue to drop to ease pressure on the stock later however, downstream terminal enterprises also exist before the moderate stocking demand by two party force, before declining inventories of polypropylene. According to data zhuochuang (Figure 1-2), before the overall domestic polypropylene inventories last week fell 12.41%, the petrochemical [micro-blog] because of the price and inventory stocking downstream resulting a decrease of 14.79%, because traders Qingcang strong willingness to feast the inventory also declined 7.85%, the reduction rate increased significantly from the previous month. After the holiday to the inventory process, petrochemical and social inventory is relatively low, and the absolute price of polypropylene is not high. But after eleven, petrochemical stocks accumulated more limited range, inventories increased 2.7% than before, the market supply side increment is small, while the downstream factory centralized replenishment order after the petrochemical and stock traders did not appear to accumulate. In the incremental inventory less than expected and driven by the downstream demand is acceptable under the center of gravity of the price rising of polypropylene. We believe that the late period of price will remain upward trend, which is mainly based on the short term, the current downstream terminal orders is acceptable, the demand does not appear significant decline, coupled with the raw material inventory days remain low, the procurement of raw materials and downstream is expected to continue. Coupled with the current inventory pressure will not strengthen its petrochemical very price will, so the short-term spot price is difficult to have a larger down space, while the spot price and the futures premium status to provide strong bullish support polypropylene futures prices. The long term, at this stage of the whole industry chain in the middle and lower reaches of the inventory are relatively low, the fourth quarter will face the process of polypropylene inventory, this is expected, the spot price of polypropylene is expected to focus constantly on the move, and push up the price rise in price. Figure 1: petrochemical enterprises polypropylene inventories     Figure 2: Polypropylene trade enterprises inventories data sources: WWW, Shanghai two, middle granule, powder of low price.相关的主题文章: