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Shanghai husband Housing residents from the dig 80 thousand installed elevator neighbors fear of security risks home Shanghai Minhang District Jinhui road 518 lane "Jinhui garden four neighborhood" Ms. Jia due to live in 7 buildings on the top floor, and walking, so in the near future "pocket" 80 thousand yuan, in the corridor with a segmented elevator corridor for this, the common use of residents "". But at the same time with the convenience of the elderly at the same time, there are some residents worried about the safety of low risk problems. In September 19th four, Jinhui Garden neighborhood, surging news () the reporter found the elevator, four steps in the 5-7 building, respectively with 4 segment type corridor elevator, each section consists of two tracks and green seat and pedal. When not in use, mobile device close to the wall of the corridor. When in use, just press the red button on hand, pedal will automatically open, about 20 cm wide, can accommodate an adult stand, the user presses the handrails on the direction of the arrow will automatically lift only, the first floor to slide on the floor of the time for 20 seconds. The upper part of the pedal is provided with a folding seat, and the seat belt can be fastened. "Sectional lift corridor" at their own expense, Ms. Jia installed Ms. Jia husband Chen Lei told news reporters surging, Jinhui garden four neighborhood is an old house, built in 1990s, 7 storey Housing husband did not install the elevator. In order to avoid the emergence of elevator neighborhood disputes after the installation of Chen Leixian and Song Huiping, head of the floor of the building was a greeting, in this regard, Song Huiping reminded him that he should be posted in the corridor in advance, to inform all residents of the matter. "We are installing the elevator, in the corridor posted notices, then we also visited from door to door remaining 13 households, most of the residents have expressed support for the installation of the elevator, but some residents worried about the lower floors of the elevator installation may bring security risks, so we went on a 5-7 floor was installed. Spent a total of 80 thousand yuan." Chen Lei said. Residents Chen Lei said trial lift, lift is not to change the original structure of the corridor is modified, mobile device is installed in the corridor wall on one side, fixed on the stairs, quantity is not large, the day will be installed. Song Huiping said, doubts about the residents worry about the elevator after installation will narrow corridor space, resulting in bulky items under the stairs inconvenience, also worried that the elevator will destroy the original staircase structure so as to bring security issues, but also about the elevator running noise of worry. Subsequently, the surging news reporters visited the neighborhood where the neighborhood committee, the neighborhood staff said, did not receive Jia Jia an elevator installation report. In the neighborhood of the jurisdiction of the 5 District, the first time the residents of their own investment in the installation of elevators. The staff said, had not received the residents want to transform the building, the need to install elevators. For the intervention or the behavior of Ms. Jia, the staff said that the leadership is not, can not stand. Hot news: Shanghai municipal government led the new division of labor: should brave the executive vice mayor of electronic police illegal capture enabled one and a half months cumulative rise to send text messages相关的主题文章: