Shenzhen second-hand housing transaction volume of new homes market is expected to pick up the golde


Shenzhen second-hand housing transaction volume ten silver market is expected to pick up new the first week of September, Shenzhen new home market volume and price rise. Agency data show that last week, the city’s new house turnover in Shenzhen grew by 138.9%, the average transaction price growth of $50.5%. Analysts pointed out that the future of housing prices push plate number will be gradually increased, just need to choose the market the possibility of a larger, but the buyers on the price is more sensitive, housing prices limited space. Volume of second-hand housing transaction volume of the recent rise in the new home market significantly increased. Shenzhen planning and Land Committee data statistics, August Shenzhen new residential housing approved pre-sale 4450 units, an area of 396 thousand square meters, an increase of more than 85.8% and the same period in July, respectively, the amount of pre-sale rebounded. With the increase in the supply of sharp contrast, August hand housing turnover at historic lows. Data show that in August the city’s only 2312 sets of residential transactions, the chain fell sharply by 23%. Analysts pointed out that, affected by the policy adjustment, the volume of new homes for nearly 3 months continued to decline, coupled with the past two months the real estate market in the traditional off-season, developers push plate remain low, leading to the August new volume hit the lowest level in history. Data show that in August the city’s top ten Taoshu are "just need real estate". From the transacted area distribution, 90 square meters apartment layout for the main transaction, 16072% of the total 16072 transactions accounted for 78.7%, including 70-90 square meters apartment layout accounted for 74.2%, an increase of 1.7 percentage points in July; 70 square meters apartment layout Taoshu accounted for significantly increasing last month, an increase of 2.1 percentage points higher; section of the apartment layout transacted proportion declined to some extent. Visible mansion is gradually cooling, just need the disk is the first choice for home buyers. Compared with the new home transactions in the doldrums, August Shenzhen second-hand housing turnover for the high since May. Shenzhen Central Plains research center monitoring data show that in August 7173 sets of second-hand housing turnover, turnover area of about 594 thousand and 800 square meters, respectively, a significant increase of ring and 22% of the same period of $23%. August Shenzhen second-hand sample market price of 56788 yuan per square meter, an increase of $2.85% last month. It is understood that in August the city’s second-hand housing transaction price rose to a certain extent, of which the largest increase in Longhua, the average transaction price rose sharply compared with 4.1% in July. New houses and second-hand housing market is "Rainbow Night" situation. Analysts believe that the Shenzhen property market is expected to be more stable, the possibility of a substantial rebound in the volume of second-hand housing price is smaller, the new home market is still the focus of attention. Limited upward space prices in September the first week, Shenzhen new home market volume and price qi. Shenzhen municipal planning and land authority data show that last week (August 29th to September 4th) the average transaction price of new homes is 70025 yuan per square meter, an increase of 54.5%, the average price this year second times a week on the "7 prefix". The trading volume, the real world data monitoring center statistics, the city of Shenzhen last week turnover of 767 sets of new homes rose 138.94%, closing an area of 86794 square meters, an increase of 197.53%, turnover rose reasons are mainly – based data.相关的主题文章: