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Sina sports 50 star rating service article change history pattern guard curry next season could complete the redemption of sina sports news Beijing time on October 24th, before the start of the NBA2016-17 season, sina NBA to NBA active 50 Stars Award, this year is for everyone to bring the star – Stephen – curitiba. [Special] top 50 single season hit three total list, four good results by two players monopoly, they are curry and Thompson, and the four grade three belong to the library, are 2012-2013 season hit three points, 2014-2015 season hit three points last season and hit three the ball. Last season, averaging 11.2 Curitiba shot three points, and the hit rate can reach 45.4%. In the last season April beat the magic game, Curitiba hit three points, which will own continuous hit three points beyond the stadium upgrade to Eagles player Kowal prior to creating the League record. Three, become an important Arsenal to score, it is also an important tool for the team rattling. No player has ever scored so many three points. Whether with or without the ball, with a quick shot beyond the ordinary, the ball can hit the back of the net, then the home fans cheering the opponent and sigh. Last season, curry is averaging 30.1 points higher than the 2014-2015 season with 23.8 points, never a MVP player can get such progress in the next season, but don’t forget he was a guard". In a library, not only to sort out the team attack, also can end the attack. Different from the traditional point guard, Stockton Kidd, Nash a, curry on the floor to do a lot of things, passing, running, ball, shooting…… In today’s era, attack guard is continuing to strengthen the property, see curry and Westbrook, who can say that the guard only need to control the ball? Super Curitiba, plus awesome teammate let the team become the king of warlords in the regular season. The Braves regular season is the outcome, breaking the Bulls’ record; since the date, to date, the warriors streak beyond the home court, home court winning record previously held a bull; last season, the warriors only lost to the opponent and the opponent has never been swept, this also means that the alliance team are the warriors finished the season sweep. It is also beyond the bulls to become the first team to accomplish this feat. Because of the library, so many can not become a reality. However, everything is always afraid to say. The winners in the finals than the lead by the Cavaliers beat the thunder comeback, the warriors use their way loss to cleveland. The seventh finals, scoring three points hit, only to get points. Heroes take a nap, but this time it was the finals. The warriors regret the defeat, even though the library of MVP village, but failed to get the championship second times. In fact, compared to the tragic hero of Nash, Stockton, curry won really smoothly, without sour, sweet, bitter, hot baptism, not to realize the difficult process. And this year’s finals.相关的主题文章: