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Egyptian culture and art exchange and publishing salon held – Culture – people.com.cn people.com.cn Beijing 29 August, Egypt culture theme activity "bilateral cultural exchanges with Japan before publishing salon in Beijing in beijing. Sharon with the publication and international cooperation, art and cultural exchanges and publishing as the theme, divided into representatives of the organization, the theme of the speech and the appreciation of Sino Egyptian art three links. 2016 was the Sino Egyptian cultural year, which is the first time the two countries held a cultural event, the development of cultural relations between the two countries have a cross era significance. People’s day boat chairman Luo Zhengyu as the representative of the organization, China and Egypt as the ancient civilizations in the world, the two countries have modern culture and art long and splendid ancient civilization and fruitful, hope to borrow this salon, further enrich the cultural and art exchanges, expand bilateral cooperation in publishing field, between the two countries, China and Egypt Chinese Arabia culture and cultural dialogue more deeply. The Egyptian Embassy Cultural counsellor Hossain Ibrahim said? Thanks to the Egyptian culture year held in the two countries cooperation in different cultural fields achieved fruitful results. Between the two countries in the field of art exchanges and publishing has a broad space for cooperation, I hope that through the salon activities, to strengthen the links between the two sides to expand and deepen cooperation in the arts, publishing and other aspects. Egypt as "The Belt and Road fulcrum" of countries, art exchanges and cooperation in publishing plays an irreplaceable role in the "The Belt and Road" strategy. In the first theme Salon "publishing and international cooperation", the two sides guests around the publishing culture of enterprise internationalization, how to publish "bringing in" and "going out" and promote the publishing industry innovation and other issues in-depth discussion. People’s Publishing House President Huang Shuyuan said he hoped the two countries’ Publishing colleagues to seize the opportunity, sincere cooperation, for the future, to further expand the field of publishing cooperation, strengthen bilateral cultural and artistic exchanges. Adel, chairman of the Egyptian Association of publishers? Eyre al Masri also expressed the hope that the two countries would to more exchanges and cooperation in book publishing, as a link to culture as a bridge to promote the friendship between the two countries. Sharon’s second theme is "the art of communication and publishing". Both guests made their own interpretation of the art publishing, art exchange and discussion, and exchange views and suggestions. Zhu Jiangang, director of Hunan provincial press and Publication Bureau of radio and television, put forward the way to achieve the communication and dissemination of art, is an important way to go out of culture. Director Zhu Jiangang as the people’s day boat and Hunan art agency co published the "art" China series editor also said, "Art Salon exchange for China" series of more comprehensive completion provides overseas perspective, "art" Chinese hope for the two series of art creative transformation and innovative development to pave the way for further development the two strong artistic value, echoing the "The Belt and Road" strategy. The salon as one of the "Sino Egyptian culture" series of activities, from Egypt and Arabia in more than and 10 countries in the arts, publishing more than 70 representatives of the dialogue and exchanges, in order to find a new breakthrough and new opportunities for cooperation in promoting the development of the lateral collision of ideas, cultural exchanges between the two sides and push, promote blend the culture of the two countries)相关的主题文章: