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The United States Air Raid drills North inland British Typhoon fighter unveiled data figure: Korea us D-Day landing simulation according to Yonhap reported on 8, the South Korean army announced the same day, the Korea US coalition carried out joint air assault exercises in Chungju Chungbuk south of the Han River area and Gangwon Hong Chuanjun to North Korea inland delivery special forces. Reported that the exercise is intended to enhance the air assault ability, in order to conceal wartime air defense system and its breakthrough in North Korea to inland delivery special forces ground troops, destroying the command center and other military targets or capture and rout of defense, to win the war. The same day, the USFK second aviation brigade UH-60 and CH-47 6 helicopters, the Korean Army Aviation command 10 UH-60 helicopters, 4 AH-1S Cobra helicopters and thirtieth division more than 250 commando battalion soldiers participating. Carrying air assault Forces Korea US military helicopter took off from the south of the Han River area, in the "Cobra" helicopter under the cover of the 4 Echelon "went deep into the enemy and landing in a predetermined area, the participating troops immediately under the machine ready to launch a massive offensive. On the same day, Han Meiying joined the joint efforts of the three countries also entered the climax of the aircraft. Yonhap said, this is the British Air Force fighter over the "typhoon" first appeared in the Korean peninsula. South Korean Air Force said that the Korean army and other countries outside the U.S. military held air combat exercises in South Korea, is the first time. At the same time stepping up preparations for the war, the U.S. military held a civilian evacuation drills. South Korea, "East Asia daily", 8, said the U.S. military announced that for the North Korean invasion and other possible events, the recent high-intensity implementation of the evacuation of the United States against civilians and other non combatants. According to the USFK said the exercises from the beginning of October 31st, including children, dozens of U.S. families in a nuclear and biological weapons defense equipment in Gyeonggi Do, the U.S. military base in Pyeongtaek by two helicopters, transfer to U.S. military base in Daegu. The second day they went to Busan Gimhae Airport, C-130 transport aircraft to the U.S. military base in Japan to avoid. USFK said earlier this month, they go through the entry formalities to return to South Korea, this exercise ended. Military personnel in South Korea, said: non combat personnel evacuation exercises are held every year, but this year’s exercise is close to the real situation, the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Korean Peninsula, is the first time since 2009."相关的主题文章: