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Sports + health residential quality development forum will be held in Beijing – Real Estate – People splitit


"Sports + health" residential quality development forum will be held — real estate — people.com.cn people hearing the Rio Olympic flame has extinguished soon in Beijing, and the people for a healthy life style and sports spirit of the pursuit of enthusiasm has soared higher. People living with the quality of a comprehensive upgrade of community health facilities and the surrounding environment has an important impact on the living experience, and promote the public sports fitness cognition gradually respected, high-quality living more and more included for people living health concerns. At the same time, the product design for the health of the people living, humane care and environmental protection of green health products have also begun to be included in the demand list. Recently, people.com.cn will host the theme of ecological sports real estate? China health — "sports + health" residential quality development forum, the Sydney Olympic Games women’s 20 km race champion Wang Liping, Chinese real estate association secretary general Chen Zhi will visit the forum to share for the healthy way of life in a new sense. With housing prices on residential products will seriously, professional, detailed and systematic design into products, is an important issue when facing housing prices. As the organizers of this forum, Luneng estate launched the "Luneng Taishan No. 7" sports + product line in this year, the effort to build a sports + health community, to exercise all ages, movement of life, sports humanity as a starting point, through the sports products for sports into the community, into life. In the era of real estate, housing prices, product positioning thinking for a healthy lifestyle to the interpretation of the residence, health products with how to arrange for people, sports consumption upgrade to meet the sports spirit and habitat quality, how to perfect integration of ecological sports? Health Chinese — "sports + health" residential quality development forum will be given answer. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: