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*ST Shun ship letter Phi Commission fined the 600 thousand is illegal, the three quarter revenue was 270 thousand and 10 month 28 days, the Commission announced to make administrative punishment according to law in 4 cases, including 3 cases of illegal information disclosure case, 1 cases of insider trading case. According to the Commission announced, Jiangsu sainty ship Limited by Share Ltd and Nantong Mingde Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mingde) during the existence of the relationship between in 2013 and August 2014, sainty ship Xiang Ming de heavy ship procurement, purchase ship cost accounted for when operating the ship sainty, sainty ship 7.08% 17.62%, failing to timely disclosure of the association trading. At the same time, sainty ship Xiang Ming de heavy industries to provide loans, but not accrued interest receivable, but by other means of recovery of interest, leading to the existence of inflated income, inflated costs, inflated financial costs, inflated profits in 2013 and 2014 annual report. Sainty ship the violation of the "Securities Law" and "securities shichangjinru" provisions of the relevant provisions, the Commission decided to order the ship sainty correct, given a warning and imposed a fine of 600 thousand yuan; to give a warning to the directly responsible person in charge of Wang Junmin, Cao Chunhua, divided elsewhere to a fine of 300 thousand yuan, respectively, 5 and take a life securities shichangjinru measures; to give a warning to the 10 other responsible persons, and were fined 30 thousand yuan to 200 thousand yuan fine ranging. *ST Shun ship since August 8, 2016, has been in the suspension phase. In October 24th, Nanjing City Intermediate People’s court ruled that the approval of the "Jiangsu sainty ship Limited by Share Ltd reorganization plan". The evening of October 25th, *ST Shun ship released a draft reorganization, the contents of the draft and was released in April are similar, including plans to issue 2 billion 358 million shares to 8.91 Yuan stock price, the total price of more than 21 billion yuan, the acquisition of Power Assets Trust and indirect controlling shareholder of Jiangsu Guoxin group, but canceled the original plan to issue shares to raise matching funds plan. In October 28th, the company issued a notice that received the Commission issued "Chinese Commission administrative license application acceptance notice" (No. 163218), submitted to the company in the "Jiangsu sainty marine Limited by Share Ltd listed companies issue shares to buy assets" approved administrative license application materials were reviewed, that the application materials are complete and meet the statutory form. Decide to accept the application for administrative license. Even if the reforming progress, because the letter Phi illegal punishment of *ST ship Shun is one disaster after another. Found the surging news reporters checked the company three quarterly, *ST Shun ship performance suffered huge losses. As a result of the ship market downturn, ship sales plummeted in the third quarter of 2016, the company achieved operating income of $271 thousand and 300, down by 99.93%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies a substantial loss of $21 million 391 thousand and 900. In other words, this was fined 600 thousand yuan, has been the total revenue of the three quarter of 2.2 times. The other two letter Phi illegal cases and the development of Tibet (000752). One is He Wei, high light as a concerted action, the use of 11 securities accounts in September 5, 2014 began buying west;相关的主题文章: