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Starry night story cross-border small era leader – Sohu outmaneuver cross-border Entertainment ca1477


"Starry night story" cross-border small time leader – Fun cross-border Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news "singer" let the fans fans cross turned fans, "king of comedy" let the idol cross turned comedian? In this era of popular cross-border, "how can the guests of the starry night story" situation, cross play? Yingning cross-border singing, on the stage in case of embarrassment? Wang Yuebo cross filming, and reluctantly must sell? Ji Lianhai wants to give up the platform? "Starry night story" 19:35 October 27th, cross-border leader, meet the family! Wang Yuebo: who moved my fingernails? Familiar with Wang Yuebo, the audience knows that the rough surface, love noodles, love and comic, fond of storytelling love big humptydumpty himself recently, cross to the film to film and television. As a butcher butcher in Li Chengru’s film "return" in the original guide, it is a happy event, but let Wang Yuebo inexplicably lost, the lost reason was actually cut the nails! The original preference for leaving nails wave lens need to Yue reluctantly part cut off he left long fingernails, show Wang Yuebo tearful about his lost youth but not his fingernails! Right and wrong, "starry night" exclusive story! Yingning: selling the king of tea storm to say a person who love tea comic circles it is not in the minority, bosom Chuai tea, holding the cup, something all right to drink a drink. In four was a smash hit in the selling Tibetan king NINETOWNS Mr. Hong is so. According to Mr. Yingning broke the news, there was a very loving cup, take it daily to brew a cup, like the genius gone. In order to let the cup have tea fragrance, to keep the tea every day for second days and then pour the root, and who wanted to show in front of students own tea, even out of the ocean. What is the ocean had been Yingning dumbfounding? "Starry night" tells the story of comedy! Chen Yinquan: Hou Zhenpeng, do not pull is not a magic like everyone will have a "stingy" friend, will be a long time they engage in oolong. Chen Yinquan’s partner Hou Zhenpeng is so, go to dinner with friends, three bowls of noodles, a total of 39 yuan, Cheng did not want to always not very generous Hou Zhenpeng has quietly bought a single, although they are somewhat surprised, but chose to see below. Sure enough, in the evening, Mr. Hou mother, unexpectedly in a WeChat built a great decision group, launched a aa. Truly that people have a big bold embarrassment. According to the news that these basic things will be staged every day. As a partner, Chen Yinquan actually in the program pit pit teammates? Gets a big bang? This is to spread the stall rhythm? In October 27, 2016 19:35 BTV, the "starry night story" cross-border leader, teasing you!相关的主题文章: