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State Department Beijing to implement a more attractive Overseas Talent Gathering policy actv


The State Council: Beijing more attractive to overseas talents in the new network in September Beijing – in 18, the State Council agglomeration policy, issued before the "Beijing overall plan to strengthen the construction of the national science and technology innovation center" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), "plan" put forward, the implementation of a more attractive overseas talent policy, foreign talent permanent breakthrough the residence and employment, talents flow, evaluation incentive system and policy bottlenecks, promote the construction of Zhongguancun talent management reform test area, to carry out foreign talent immigration reform, to meet the conditions of the foreigners permanent residence visa, to simplify the handling process, make Beijing truly become the highland of talents and technological innovation heights. "Program" requirements, to carry out the introduction of the use of intellectual property rights identification system pilot. The further implementation of Beijing city "Eagle plan" and "high-level creative talent support program, Beijing science and technology 100 leading talent training project" talents, improve the talent gradient training mechanism, promote the strategic adjustment of talent structure. The establishment of flexible and innovative talents flow and employment mode, encourages institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to hire talent, Scientific Research Institute of higher schools, allowing the establishment of a certain proportion of post enterprise talent flow, to attract part-time. "Program" proposed, research and development institutions to recruit foreign talent identified standards, explore the new path of employing foreign talent. Encourage researchers to concentrate on research, stimulate innovation and enthusiasm of scientific research personnel, improve the market of talent evaluation incentive mechanism, innovative evaluation criteria and methods. Improve the internal distribution mechanism of institutions, to promote the performance of wages to key positions, business backbone and outstanding contributions to the tilt. Optimize the personnel service guarantee system, in terms of housing conditions, children’s education, spouse employment, medical services and other aspects to provide convenience for high-level personnel. The implementation of teaching and research staff temporarily abroad because of the public related management policy.相关的主题文章: