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Summary: the Falcon 9 rocket explosion zaicuo US commercial space science and technology — people.com.cn original title: Summary: Falcon 9 rocket explosion zaicuo US commercial space America SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket launch violent explosion occurred in September 1st when testing for example. Although the accident caused no casualties, but it may not only make billionaire Elon Musk? Aspiring space exploration project frustrated, adverse effects on the development of commercial space will also have a certain degree of. The explosion occurred in Florida, Cape Canaveral Air Force base, time is 9 pm local time in the morning. Network video display, the first is placed on the launch pad of the Falcon 9 rocket upper explosion into a huge fireball, the rocket carrying the satellite then heavy ground, followed by a series of thunder like explosions, saw the fire everywhere, smoke billowing straight into the sky, the whole explosion lasted about 5 minutes. SpaceX has published two copies of a statement, confirmed the Falcon 9 rocket static ignition testing in the preparation, the launch pad is abnormal, resulting in the explosion. The first statement said that the rocket and rocket loaded with all the damage caused by the explosion, but the second statement to delete the load, only to say that the Rockets damaged. Mask, chief executive of the company, added in the social media twitter, the explosion occurred in the process of rocket fuel filling, abnormal from the rocket second oxygen tank nearby, but the cause of the explosion has not been determined. According to the original plan, Falcon 9 rocket in the communications satellite this month 3 days for Israel Spacecom company to launch a value of nearly $200 million. 2015, the U.S. social media face book and the European Communication Satellite Corporation has announced that it has signed a $95 million contract, part of the lease of the satellite to provide Internet access services in africa. Zuckerberg, chief executive of Kenya, who was visiting the book, said in a statement on the same day that he was "deeply disappointed" by the destruction of the rocket". European Communication Satellite Corporation estimates that the impact of the explosion on the company’s revenue for the next 3 fiscal year will be around 50 million euros. Space exploration technology company founded by musk in 2002, is headquartered in California, its purpose is to launch with low cost countries dominated the space agency competition, seize the commercial launch market, is a representative enterprise business space. NASA is hiring the company to deliver supplies to the international space station, which will be employed in one or two years to transport U.S. astronauts. Space exploration technology company is the most surprising to the aerospace industry, it is the first rocket recycling program. The traditional rocket is disposable, but musk hope the Rockets can be used repeatedly, thereby reducing the cost of launching. Since last December, the Falcon 9 rocket first stage in 9 has made 6 successful recovery. Two days ago, the European satellite company announced that this year will be the use of the previous recovery a Falcon 9 rocket launch geostationary satellite. At present, the most worried about the launch of commercial rocket quality. In 2014, another American company, the ATK company’s rocket, exploded while delivering cargo to the space station相关的主题文章: