Surprise + cheap this time under the foot of iphone7 Telecom innawoods


This cheap surprise + iPhone7 Telecom under the foot of apple iPhone 716, ushered in the first, how much can still think of the fastest fruit powder to get a new mobile phone, Ms. Lee, who lives in the South Bank of the district back to Longwan in 16 days from 0:49 already took the red beauty through their own China Telecom Chongqing Network Office (189) order 7 iPhone the. Such a fast rate, so special delivery, so that ms.. Car2go+ beauty net red +iPhone 7= surprise period of hot words? A lot of Chongqing friends will say: iPhone7, net red, live, unmanned aerial vehicles, car2go, etc., if you want to put the above hot words tied in one thing, you can think of this thing should be more fire? IPhone7 first day of the week, so did the telecommunications. Beauty net red while driving the car2go side of the mobile phone to the China Telecom Chongqing Office (189) on the phone to send users iPhone7. According to the introduction of iPhone7 into Chongqing fruit powder of great concern, the first day of the 0:30 China Telecom Chongqing Network Office (189) iPhone 7 first page has been 67 thousand and 100 people, only two minutes, the first through the network hall successfully ordered iPhone7 users was born in Chongqing, after 49 minutes, the first user ordering the success of iPhone 7 from the beauty Red Net took their order iPhone7, from order to get hands before and after less than an hour. According to the Chongqing Telecom iPhone7 network can be described under the foot work, red, and so the use of drones to iPhone7 the first sales process, but also for the user to have a better buy iPhone shopping experience, Telecom is also in pursuit of innovation to meet the needs of consumers today and the like. 0 down payment +100M light broadband +9G traffic = cheap in addition to innovative delivery methods and the purchase experience, preferential iPhone7 purchase policy is also the focus of this consideration telecommunications. It is understood that the time for 7 iPhone Telecom also launched four bank credit card "commitment fee, 0 yuan purchase activities. The iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus from the sale date of each user the purchase of a credit card, the payment of charges, support the credit card belongs to banks including China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, agricultural bank, ICBC Chinese China. IPhone7, iPhone7 Plus contract package is 399 yuan × 24, a month in 9GB national traffic, deductible calls or SMS, send another 100M optical broadband telecommunications + TV, the minimum down payment of 0 yuan, for the 32GB version of iPhone7, the highest Shoufu 2600 yuan, for the 256GB version of iPhone7 Plus. Interested users can click on the link to view details: id=20346&? Intaid=cq-sy-jdt-02-? Dyw相关的主题文章: