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Sweet and sour fruit and snow – Sohu www.haole15.com


Sweet and sour fruit and snow – Sohu feel the weather suddenly cold down, today began to rain, a cold autumn rain, gradually will enter the winter season, this is a snack of hawthorn, many stalls have ice Tomatoes on sticks to peddle, seems to be coming in the winter to remind people. Yesterday I went to the market to buy food, it has become one of the fun in my daily life, in the surrounding urban area also is not too far away, a wide street stalls on both sides along the column from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, everything, many are near their home for the residents for sale, not only cheap but also very fresh, very love this walk around feeling, a lap down to buy a lot of vegetables and fruits. Now is the Hawthorn mature season, one of the stalls are arrayed in a pile of red hawthorn, but the price is very cheap, so I bought a bunch of Hawthorn back last night and came back to do some canned Hawthorn fridge, today I wanted to be a red snow to try, before is to buy food on the outside, with the impression applied in the online search related recipes, start to dry up, do it well oh, sweet and sour sweet, sweet Sasha outer sugar, sour inside the Hawthorn surfaces, very delicious, is icing is not uniform enough, also need to be improved. Ingredients: 330 grams of Hawthorn 80 grams of sugar boiling water 60 grams 30 grams of starch steps: first, all of the ingredients ready, haw to pedicle clean, do not need to go nuclear, put salt water soak for 10 minutes and then rinse clean, two sugar and boiling water boil, adding three sugar paste brewed into full soak the pot, with a shovel can be filed drawing four, will add to the Hawthorn syrup, stir with a shovel, the uniform surface covered with hawthorn syrup, small fire stir the Hawthorn ripe surface five, starch can be slightly wrinkled sieving to hawthorn, hawthorn, and blend evenly six surface evenly covered with frosting. You can turn off the heat, the cooling surface icing natural Hawthorn placed completely solidification a sour and sweet相关的主题文章: