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Under the Beijing [TC site reported Chinese winter, what are the local investment opportunities and hot – Sohu technology at least in your opinion, the Alibaba listed more or less changed Chinese Internet environment. It seems after that, start-up companies began to increase at an alarming rate, the capital market has set off a wave of bukexiaoqu. On the other hand, after a series of mobile games, O2O as a representative of the Internet outlet, the new investment hot spots are emerging. TechCrunch in the 2016 Beijing International Innovation Summit, Sequoia Capital partner and director of the China, Australia telecommunications investment Chinese District partner in charge of Bu Junquan, Xiang Feng investment management partner Xia Zhijin, amoebic capital founding managing partner Zhao Hong shared these contents. Whether the listing of Alibaba has changed the Chinese venture? Bu Junquan: in simple terms, there are still a lot of changes. The listing of Alibaba makes Ma such a successful entrepreneur has become a symbol of everyone, there will be a lot of new young entrepreneurs think I have such a chance. For investors, we and these start-ups are a cooperative relationship. Similarly, Alibaba is not their competitors, but the object of study of these start-ups, perhaps behind can become a partner, was acquired by Alibaba is a good thing. Zhao Hong: in fact, to the Alibaba as the center of the ecosystem, in the past four years, like the continuous mushrooming everywhere, many young people have the courage to leave the original business units. China’s innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere is slowly optimized, slowly developed. Many of my former colleagues have created their own funds, and even my employees have come out to create their own VC fund, which makes innovation has become a major trend. Live in China super fire oh, what are the similar investment opportunities? Xia Zhijin: enterprise service is a good investment hot spot, there are many chat in the VC circle. We want to be able to find those who can improve and improve the efficiency of the user’s start-up companies. There is a, B2B of the business services, because they can attract large company 500 strong, these big companies willingness to pay is very high, also has a strong demand, which can make the start-up companies earn money, cash more easily. Yue: I also think that corporate services is a key, from the current economic situation, all companies need to have higher operating efficiency, production efficiency. That’s why business services are the top priority. I believe that this trend will continue in the next five years, there will be more applications and enterprise services emerge, such as the application of artificial intelligence technology, but also big data technology to improve the whole industry chain operation efficiency and so on. Are there any new opportunities in the vertical field? Yue Yue: the first is the data, AR, artificial intelligence and data are inseparable, there is a point in the field of personal is completely different, AR can have personalized customized individual based services. In addition, the financial, financial sector, where data is also needed.相关的主题文章: