Teachers dinner was punished the more clear the boundaries of the more deterrent anti-corruption ca1805


The teacher punished dinner: boundary more clear corruption more deterrent force of the original title: boundary clear anti-corruption deterrent is easy to form the author: Wang Dan   source: Xiaoxiang Morning Cup hides the storm. According to the "Shanxi Changzhi city of Tunliu in 24 teachers after the holiday dinner drink, is the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and criticism", the Changzhi Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, said in response, has been involved in investigating the matter, and said it would publish the official notification. Previously, the Tunliu County Commission for Discipline Inspection on September 30th issued a report on a part of the south central campus of Tunliu teacher dinner drinking problem, then caused public concern, and many questioned. A survey from the central broadcasting network showed that only 2% of the audience recognized Tunliu County Commission for Discipline Inspection to deal with the problem of teachers at their own expense dinner. Seriously, for the implementation of the eight provisions of prohibition and a common sense, should be affirmed and applauded the harvest from the public, but people would be surprised that only 2% of the audience recognized Tunliu County Commission for Discipline Inspection of CNR teachers’ dinner at their own expense. 2% of the data may not be Overgeneralization, but said the sanctions triggered the discussion should raise a Babel of criticism of is an irrefutable fact. In more than ten days after the incident, as the higher authorities of the Changzhi Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, said it would intervene in the investigation, which also said that it is trying to give a more authoritative and more equitable conclusion. Integration of the current media perspective, the incident from the disposal of the dispute, mainly in the following places. First, there are no party members and cadres of dinner? Two, when the dinner is a normal working hours, or holidays? Three, whether the use of public funds dinner? The problems are not difficult to answer, no matter which has no party members and cadres, discipline inspection and supervision departments have the right to supervise the public servants; when the dinner is not a legal holiday, but since the school break. In addition, a collective dinner fee, the two dozen teachers take a aa. Of course, to support the local "Prohibition", and the provisions of the eight civil servants to the style of construction, but specific to the teachers in Tunliu County dinner event, prohibition and "eight provisions" can be applied, is clearly debatable. Although there may be some party members and cadres in the dinner, but dinner and drinking behavior, is in fact the non working hours, and the Department of the teachers at their own expense. Tough to be informed of the disciplinary action of the party, of course, can pass out the ubiquitous deterrent, but also to some extent blurred the boundaries of governance and supervision. Admittedly, as experts warned, in the course of time of its strong permeability and diffusivity, based on corruption will become a human initiative to adapt to the way of life, corruption will become increasingly subtle, even life. For this reason, anti-corruption and style building is also increasingly life oriented, do not let go of any one may involve corruption in the daily scene. But more so, the more we should grasp the anti-corruption and style construction of the boundary, so as to achieve precise blow to "corrupt life", and will not have a "friendly fire" and causing questioned. Together to middle school teacher’s criticism of the final dinner drink, fermented into public events, we can not say that this is a great regret, more or less Hao相关的主题文章: