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Health No parent wants to believe his or her child is using drugs or alcohol but it happens. There are teen drug addiction treatment centers with teens from a variety of backgrounds, including sober, caring families who cannot understand why their teenager chose to start using drugs or alcohol. The truth is, most teens will engage in some type of risky behaviors. Unfortunately, experimenting with drugs is one of the riskiest behaviors of all, leading to a possible lifelong addiction. Drug and Alcohol Use by Teens By 8th grade, more than three out of every ten students has consumed alcohol, and two out of ten have tried an illegal drug. By 12th grade, more than seven out of ten students have consumed alcohol and nearly half have tried at least one illegal drug. Parents who believe their child has never tried alcohol or drugs may be correct, but it is likely that at least one of their childs friends or classmates is using these substances. The need to experiment and assert independence is strong in teens, and it can be difficult for a teenager already wanting adult experiences to resist peer pressure. How Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Effects Teenagers Drug or alcohol use is devastating to teenagers who are in middle or high school. Teens should be preparing for college or trade school, but addiction changes their priorities. The need for the next drink or the next high becomes more important than meeting academic goals. Teenagers who abuse alcohol or drugs also put their health and safety in jeopardy. The bodies and minds of teenagers are still developing and drug use can cause permanent damage to the part of the brain controlling attention and memory. Illegal and prescription drugs and alcohol impair judgment. For new teen drivers, the combination of drugs or alcohol and driving is extremely dangerous. Every time a teenager drives or rides with another teen who is drinking or using drugs, he or she is in real, immediate danger. More than 40 percent of people who begin drinking before age 15 become alcoholics. People who start using drugs early on also are at risk for adult addictions. Parents who insist on drug alcohol rehab are saving their children from lifelong problems associated with addictions. How Teen Drug and Alcohol Treatment Works Parents should talk to a health care professional or addictions counselor who will help determine what form of drug alcohol rehab is best. There are inpatient and outpatient programs; inpatient programs are best for teens chemically dependent on substances while outpatient programs may be enough for a teen who has just started experimenting with drugs or alcohol. If a health care professional recommends inpatient treatment, parents should do everything possible to get their child into a residential rehabilitation program. Teen drug addiction treatment will teach teenagers new ways of coping with stress, instead of a teen relying on drugs to mask problems. The earlier treatment begins, the higher a teenagers chances are for overcoming an addiction and going on to lead a full, sober life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: