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The 17 year old Huazhou juvenile convenience stores were killed throat 4 suspects were minors Nandu news reporter Zhou Songbai correspondent of publicity in September 19th, Guangdong Maoming Huazhou police, the joint Maoming, Huazhou two police investigation, quickly cracked Huazhou city "9.17" a young man was "cut" cases of death, only 36 hours, the 4 suspects have all been voluntarily surrendered to the public security organ. 17 year old man was killed throat on September 17th at 4 pm, the victim Hwang (male, 17 years old, from Huazhou City, West Street people) in a convenience store near the bridge bridge in Luojiang Sai, by 3 men armed with knives and other weapons to go after the siege. Huang Yu was injured after the hospital, due to neck artery, was stabbed in his injuries, died on the 18 day of death. All 4 suspects surrendered according to the introduction, Maoming, Huazhou two police dispatched elite forces to form a task force to start the investigation, and in 4 hours after the incident was locked and Huang encyclical holidays Li Moujun is a major crime suspects. 18 am, the police through the line and dig the Lao Mou, Zhang Jun, Liu Mouming and other 3 suspects. September 18th at 6 pm, the suspect Li Moujun, Zhang Mouwen, accompanied by his family to the north shore of the police station to surrender. The next day at 4 pm, the suspect Liu Mouming, Lao Mou Jun Shiwan to surrender to the police station. At this point, after 36 hours, all the people involved. The suspect and the dead had conflicts after the trial, Li Moujun (male, 17 years old), Zhang Wen (male, 17 years old), Liu Mouming (male, 14 years old), Lao Mou Jun (male, 16 years old) 4 Huazhou youth confessed after committing the crime. According to Li Moujun account, before he and Huang Yu had played together, because both sides have contradictions with, and many fights and liangzi. In June 11th this year, he took to the streets in Hedong road by Huang Yu et al and was beaten, and stole a motorcycle smashed Apple Mobile phone. Li Moujun for this grudge, have been looking for revenge. With a vengeance stuffed under the disaster of September 16th, Li Moujun and Zhang Wen, Lao Mou Jun, Liu Mouming and other 4 people together, rent a car, remove the license plate, driving in the city looking for Huang yu. The next day at 4 pm, when they drove to Huazhou in search of Luojiang Sai road bridge bridge, Huang Yu found in a convenience store. Then, leaving Lao Mou Jun collusion in the car, another 3 people are ready to hit the car, Huang yu. Among them, Li Moujun holding a folding knife, Zhang Wen pepper spray, holding a car anti-theft lock, Liu Mouming. After the fight, Li Moujun was stabbed in the neck and shoulder Yu Huang and other parts. Subsequently, they quickly fled the scene on the train. At present, Li Moujun and other 4 people has been jingfangxingju. The case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: