The 49 year old stricker for the Ryder Cup tasted foreign card sour, sweet, bitter, hot Wuyuwuqiu-3edyy


The 49 year old stricker for the Ryder Cup tasted foreign card sour, sweet, bitter, hot Wuyuwuqiu stricker in order to win the Ryder Cup playoffs to sina sports news Beijing on September 7th news, encounter the Ryder Cup failure accelerated Steve stricker cuts the game time in 2012 after Mei dinah. But the Ryder Cup let him re filling your own race. Steve stricker did not plan to play the FedEx Cup playoffs. His main goal this year is to enter the 125 place in the federal cup, so he can take part in the tournament next year, as well as his favorite games. So what is he going to do in the Barclays Premier League and the Deutsche Bank Championship? "I have only one reason to here," he said in Boston TPC weekend, "I want to enter the Ryder Cup team." Steve stricker felt little chance, but he said the U.S. team captain Ralph III, assistant captain Tom – Phil – Mikel Lehman and sendu encouraged him to participate. Steve stricker at the last two holes in the Barclays successful promotion, then caught the bird, bird in the 72 hole, to ensure that the trip to Boston. He has a chance to reach the hockey field jiqiangkaida third station in the playoffs, but Deutsche Bank Championship final round 73. He has decided that he can’t go to the BMW championship. He said it was unlikely to pick a federal Cup final two playoffs, and has reached the age of 49 players, although until next Monday, Ralph III will be announced three wildcard. He has determined his fate not into the BMW championship in 2012, Steve stricker at Medinah record of 0 wins and 4 losses, the week of the European team from 6 to 10 behind back, won the Ryder cup. Steve stricker at the end of a hole into the 10 foot par putt, but his eyes met Martin Kaymer into his putter, split the hole, to ensure that the team will leave the trophy. He obviously cares about it. "That’s a big blow to me. It makes my mouth a sour, "Steve said" I’m stricker, golf is not so exciting, but also do not want to play too much. I want to go home and do something else. I feel like I’m responsible for failure. I played 4 games, but I didn’t win a single point. It’s hard to swallow." He will go to the assistant captain Hazeltine, as in 2014 he went to Gleneagles to assist Tom Watson as. But more attractive is the fact that Steve stricker from the Ryder Cup bad experience to increase competition, in order to get playing again. This year, he played a total of 15 stations of the PGA Tour, this is the 2012 20 race, he competed in matches up to a year. "I guess I want to try again," Steve stricker said. Steve stricker is honest. He said he and his wife Nicky (Nikki) to talk about a few times, if he entered the Tour Championship, whether it is wise to give him a wild card. He sees himself as a 49 year old player who does not qualify for the team. Mrs. Nicky)相关的主题文章: