The baby was born 55 days by his father out of turn sell trial called to sell the debt-douke


The baby girl was born 55 days ago, turned out to be sold by the father of the trial, called the sale of debt Guangzhou daily Qingyuan news   (reporter Cao Jing   correspondent Ying Xuan) in recent days, Yingde City, a man selling his daughter’s case in the network fermentation. German police briefing yesterday, after more than half a month of careful investigation, the Anglo German police task force after Shaoguan, Fogang, Germany and other places, and finally in yesterday’s success will be suspected of child trafficking suspects Wang, Liao Mouqing heard 5 people arrested, and in the town of Gao Wei Wu Cun, Fogang County, Blue Rescue abducted about Gaogang March age girl Wang Mouyi. In mid October, a daughter was born 55 days was the man cheated hands that sell "posts in the online heat transfer, a German woman Post said Liu in 2016 January to the hospital to check after pregnancy, in August 10 gave birth to a baby girl, but pregnant her boyfriend Wang refused to listen to go to the marriage registration formalities, when Liu Wang to actually married, have missed abortion time, but did not want to daughter born in fifty-fifth days, the above account is cheated sell baby care, then the man mobile phone shutdown, the woman could not contact again, his more than the final choice of alarm. Net post also attached photos of the baby girl and cruel father, as well as the police station’s alarm receipt, which quickly triggered the netizens’ condemnation of the man. After interrogation, the suspect Wang listened to the crime of betraying his daughter’s debts with Liao Mouqing and others. Yesterday, police released photos of the scene of the rescue baby, when the mother of the child from the hands of the police back to the baby, broke down in tears with excitement. At present, the suspect Wang listened to, Liao Mouqing on suspicion of trafficking in children was arrested in criminal detention, the case is still under further interrogation. According to the police,   a behavior is the crime of trafficking in children betrayed his own children, for the purpose of illegal profits and betrayed his own children, should be punished for the crime of trafficking in children. Editor in chief: GDN003 女婴出生55天被父亲拐走出卖 受审讯称为卖掉还债   广州日报清远讯 (记者曹菁 通讯员英宣)连日来,英德市一男子出卖亲生女儿案件在网络发酵。英德警方昨天通报,经过半个多月的缜密侦查,英德警方专案组辗转韶关、佛冈、英德等地,终于在昨日成功将涉嫌拐卖儿童的嫌疑人王某听、廖某清等5人抓获,并在佛冈县高岗镇高岗村委蓝屋村解救出被拐卖的约三月龄女童王某怡。   10月中旬,一则关于“女儿出生55天就被男方骗走转手即卖掉”的帖子在网上热传,帖子称一英德女子刘某于2016年1月份到医院验到怀孕,后在8月10日生下一个女婴,然而怀孕期间她男朋友王某听一直不肯去登记结婚手续,当刘某得知王某听其实已婚时,已经错过做人流的时机,更不曾想在女儿出生第55天时,男方以上户口照顾为由骗走女婴转手卖掉,随后该男子手机关机,女方无法再与其联系,伤心欲绝之余最终选择报警。网帖还附上了女婴及狠心亲生父亲的照片,还有派出所的报警回执,很快引发了网友对这名男子的谴责。   经审讯,犯罪嫌疑人王某听对伙同廖某清等人出卖自己亲生女儿还债的犯罪事实供认不讳。昨天,警方公布了解救女婴的现场照片,当孩子的母亲从民警手中接回女婴时,激动得泣不成声。目前,犯罪嫌疑人王某听、廖某清因涉嫌拐卖儿童罪被刑事拘留,该案件仍在进一步审讯中。   据警方介绍, 出卖亲生子女也是拐卖儿童罪的一种行为方式,以非法获利为目的而出卖亲生子女的,应当以拐卖儿童罪论处。 责任编辑: GDN003相关的主题文章: