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The bag | women before the age of 30 not less five bag – Sohu click free subscription to fashion magazines / fashion circles this sentence: Bags are like friends which you can never have too many (handbags like friends, never too much). Mr. F QQ:828208 WeChat: 444313251 packs of cure to almost all the women are working, but the endless bags don’t seem to be wise. Special woman to the age of thirty, compared to the style of taste has also been a qualitative change, blindly buy bags is not rational and do not meet the age of mature into a stable. Today Xiaobian to talk about the need to have a woman thirty years old bag, so you are more confident charming into the top thirty. Tote bag tote bag to go to work for the throne of the first Tote service package. From graduation to work for many years, a beautiful and functional work package is always accompanied by the most loyal friends around you. Originally, Tote is a verb, Todd for homophonic, meaning hand heavier things, then, it evolved into a noun, refers to those who handle relatively short, larger bags. The texture and supermodels can hold a tote bag is not out of love, often choose one of the. A little bit of cold Mensao a minimalist seemingly dull, but please whisper softly to express their attitude and this does not curry favour by claptrap, is also working with many high EQ occupation women’s views agree without prior without previous consultation. Do not think that only the shirt suit and its match, the full flavor of the delicate dress with it is also a face. Has been cool to give a tomboy and wear out of fear, too young to indulge the aura, a stylish black tote bag is definitely your best choice. It is used to neutralize the unruly pants and vests with, and reveal your woman. Strong fashion collocation skill fine can also put it with the daily dress collocation. Casual jeans and sneakers is the most popular use of street fashion single product, and a high value of the tote package can also add to your styling look highlights. Relative to the high cold distance of black, gray more gentle and elegant. The warm orange red brick red pigmentation, and independent of you, all this is very good, let the words have some weakness of the beautiful. Of course, the warm red in this summer, I am afraid it is difficult to win a clean blue, and a romantic and elegant white dress is the best partner out of the blue sky and white clouds. Hurry up to learn, it is estimated that we touch of cool passers-by also found that CELINE’s Tote package can be said to occupy a large wall map of the country, have to say, this has created countless it bags brand, but also a lot of work in this contribution package. Her相关的主题文章: