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Music Have you ever wondered what the biggest selling tracks of your favourite genre are? We have, so we decided to investigate exactly which tracks have sold the most and found that in the world of music NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS So without further adieu, below is the official list on number 1 tracks of all time from all the major music genres that this website cares about. Hip Hop Despite Eminem having about 5 albums in the top 10, the winner by a poultry 3 million is a relative new.er to the Hip Hop scene Flo Rida, whos single Low sold 8 million copies. Whilst he did have the advantage of I- tunes unlike Eminem, rules is rules and Flo-Rida is number 1 in the Hip Hop Genre RnB The number one single sold within this genre is I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, which to say the least is ironic given her tumultuous relationship with Bobby Brown (who funnily enough did not make the list.) To be fair though, this hit single is in fact RnB/soul, however for selling over 12 million copies in 1992, I will always love you is by and far the biggest RnB single. (Number 2 is by Japanese RnB artist Thelma Aoyouma called Soba ni Iru ne with 9.9 million) in 2009 Bet you didnt know that. Dance Music This is a shout out to all you lovers of old skool dance music that used to party in bars and nightclubs during the 90’s, the highest selling dance music single of all time is by none other than C+C Music Factory Gonna Make You Sweat in 1991 selling over 5 million copies. Despite this being over 20 years ago, this is still yet to be topped, with the number 2 dance music track being Vogue by Madonna (however Im not sure if that really counts to be honest) So as you can see, surprises are everywhere in the world of popular music, however before we finish this article, it makes sense for us to also reveal the top 3 selling singles of all time!And sorry to disappoint you, but none of these .e from the hip hop, RnB or dance music genres. 1.Elton John with Candle in the Wind in 1997 (the same year princess Diana died) with 37 million copies of this pop music classic. 2.Bing Crosby is 1942 with White Christmas with 30 million. 3.Bing Crosby again in 1935 with Silent Night selling slightly fewer than 30 million. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: