The Central Opera China first completed Wagner ring series of opera in the new network tataufo


The Central Opera China first completed Wagner "ring" series of opera – Beijing Beijing in September 14 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) is the 2016 annual national art troupes show season, the Central Opera House Wagner will complete the work of a masterpiece "Der ring des Nibelungen" ending, which will the Central Opera Chinese become the only single handedly complete interpretation of the "ring" series of opera. In 2013, the Central Opera House for the 200 anniversary of the birth of Wagner, launched the "Der ring des Nibelungen" series, but also in the field of opera performances, the longest and most difficult vocal interpretation of large scale works. The "ring" series of plays 17 hours a year, the central opera had launched a successful interpretation, "Valkyrie", "Siegfried" and "twilight of the gods". In September 19th, 20, the theater will launch a "ring" series of "Rhine gold" at the National Theatre, to challenge Wagner peak works perfect ending, also will make the Central Opera become Chinese only be able to single handedly complete interpretation of the "Lord of the rings" series of opera. As the "Lord of the rings" series ending, "Rhine gold" creative team most of the continuation of the previous three team. Directed by famous conductor Jumaan as young, she is the principal conductor of the Central Opera Theatre, is regarded as one of the most vibrant young conductor in today’s Chinese, the director still served as the national level by the director Wang Huquan, the main actors are the central opera singer in the first respect, Liu Yiran, Geng Zhe, Wang Hong, Cui Jinghai, Tian Hao, Chen Ye, Su Xuebing et al. The opera "Red Army" is not afraid of difficult expedition "fly away Luding Bridge" choreography renderings of the Central Opera figure for the same as the 2016 annual national art troupes show season in the original Opera repertoire, "October 19th," red is not afraid of difficult expedition 20 days in Beijing bridge singing art center. The drama music held by famous composer Lei Lei, "Sishitongtang", "plain clothes", "desire" and other TV Series classic theme song is from her hands. The command served by the Central Opera Music Director and chief conductor Yang Yang, he is currently one of the most outstanding contemporary China conductor, has rich experience of original and classic opera conductor. "For today’s children, the long march is just a word. What is the word which contains the meaning of the long march of today’s Chinese has played a historical role in how great, how many heroes in the long march with "sacrificed aspirations for a great ideal, to teach new days", with their extremely hard and bitter and heroic dedication, write a glorious chapter Chinese revolution, is not so clear. The more so, the rehearsal today "red is not afraid of difficult expedition" of the opera, the more important practical significance." Director Chen Yanmin said. In addition, the "national classic Arias Chinese — Chinese classic opera concert" in 2016 as the national art troupes show season opening concert on September 7th at the National Theatre staged success. (end)相关的主题文章: