The couple suspected because of love not pregnant woman or family love


The couple suspected because of love not pregnant woman or family love pictures from the network. Yangzi Evening News Network September 15th news (reporter Wan Lingyun) 14 days, the people of Yangzhong in the Yangzhong Bay in the Pearl River, found two corpses on the surface of the water, immediately to the police. Yangzhong police and fire officers rushed to the scene, fast about two bodies salvaged. The matter in Yangzhong folk hot, insiders said that a man and a woman is a pair of young lovers, and the woman seems to have been pregnant, both for love and jumping into a river. 15, the reporter learned from the Yangzhong police, the two bodies have basically locked, the police are to give up the mid autumn rest, overtime on visits and investigation on the case, but whether the love river or jump into the river, are still waiting for the police investigation. Meanwhile, the woman’s family, is from Guizhou to Yangzhong. 14 noon 12 points before and after the reporter received a report, called "Yangzhong old Huarun side of Pearl Bay found two bodies, there are a lot of people watching the scene. Because of too many onlookers, the Pearl River has been paralyzed traffic around the bay". At the same time, Yangzhong public security, fire and so on have rushed to the scene, and the implementation of the Pearl Bay perimeter viewing platform isolation. Informants told reporters, at that time the river port of two bodies, including women’s bodies in around 12 have been salvaged.   man salvaged, nearly 1 p.m.. Funeral home professional transport vehicles to the scene, the two bodies dragged away.   pictures from the network. This event, soon in the Yangzhong forum and WeChat network fermentation and hot debate.   and the "small Yangzhong" say, ten in the morning 14 days, Yangzhong port on the east side of Guo wash mop, found floating in the harbor like hair class objects, this time she did not see clearly what is the specific. Then she shouted across the harbor also look together, the people across the harbor to look that the Hong Kong middle Pang is actually a female corpse, then saw a corpse, they quickly called the police. At the same time, also said the Yangzhong people and friends from mouth to know, the two young lovers should be drowned, love did not get home to, "young man is 21 years old, Yangzhong West, Guizhou girl is 18 years old, like people, was pregnant. Unfortunately, the family to sad death." And said the men and women have been missing for three or four days, the family did not find the police repeatedly found them; the boy did not go to work, but also can not contact him, etc.. "Small Yangzhong" also said that people obtain surveillance due to traffic accidents, found that more than ten 13 in the evening, two people jumped from the bridge on both sides of the. 14, the reporter contacted the relevant person in charge of the Yangzhong police, but the other said, currently only know the identity of the two people, the man is Yangzhong people, women for Guizhou, more information has yet to be further investigated. 15, the reporter contacted the police was informed that the netizen said the identity of the two people, including age, basically true. But the woman is pregnant or not, and whether the river Xunqing, these situations, including forensic, police in Yangzhong, is to give up the Mid Autumn Festival holiday rest, launched multiple visits, investigation and survey, the specific results need to be investigated. Eight相关的主题文章: