The dead are no longer living…… Suffer from cyber violence sichen


The dead are no longer living…… The night of September 16th, actor Qiao Renliang died at home in Shanghai. In accordance with the practice, this thing makes Sina micro-blog has become a hotbed of rumors, conspiracy theory and the breeding ground for network violence. But this time, because Qiao Renliang’s death was the two directors of car network violence attack directly and Yang Wenjun did not "burst into tears" no apology to remain silent, but take legal action. According to the "television circle" magazine, September 23rd Chinese television director working committee recently, the diameter of the line car director Yang Wenjun suffered because of network violence caused by the death of Qiao Renliang, issued a lawyer’s statement, "publishing false news media and immediately delete, shielding for the diameter of the line car director, director Yang Wenjun the insult and slander information", and that "if the tortfeasor does not stop infringement or not avoid infringement damage continues to expand, the firm will receive further human rights commission, held all the legal liability of malicious infringers according to law". The statement by the Beijing Yue Cheng Law Affairs entrusted the working committee China drama director issued the statement pointed out, the diameter of the line car and director Yang Wenjun released a year ago, micro-blog speech is not inappropriate, the speech is only for the adverse phenomenon of criticism and rational industry according to the. The diameter of the line car director as Deputy Secretary of the committee director China TV long maintenance industry righteousness and artistic creation and production order, to support members of director no fault." This month 19 days after the death of Qiao Renliang, a micro-blog micro-blog users pulls the car size in September 21, 2015 reprint of director Yang Wenjun released, the micro-blog said: "the last warning: an actor. Tomorrow to the last. Arrive late once more, as the association director Chinese TV, I will be in the assault of 400 directors and industry association. And will be reported to SARFT ban. Please go home to treat severe depression, not the reason for your countless times to challenge the bottom line of the crew! Comment: support! For any disregard of organizational discipline, artistic production and creation behavior will not be tolerated." With Qiao Renliang because of depression Dutch act rumors, users believe that the diameter of the line car and Yang Wenjun micro-blog this criticism is Qiao Renliang, and the two directors of the siege, saying they were "indirect murderer" and threatened to kill the whole family car size". "Then I was very sorry for the death of Qiao Renliang," he said. "I was so sorry for the death of a young man in such a way. Respect for the dead, I would not say what the face of some friends; I want to endure endless abuse, it has no sound. But the truth of this event is seriously distorted, some users to me, and even threatened to kill my family, which is too outrageous." The diameter of the line car explains why the micro-blog released a year ago: last year, director Yang Wenjun in a movie, Qiao Renliang repeatedly late phenomenon, seriously affected the normal shooting, with brokers repeatedly communicate invalid, Yang Wenjun sent the text in the director’s Guild group. But taking into account the face of the parties, Yang did not mention the name of the parties..相关的主题文章: