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The denomination of 20 yuan counterfeit money into a number of provinces and cities after the old processing is not easy to distinguish Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The real money comparison. The real currency (below) against the light will become more apparent and digital watermarking, counterfeit money (above) no or very weak. Guangzhou Daily reporter Long Chengtong photo scene seized 20 yuan counterfeit semi-finished products more than 230 thousand yuan. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Liu Yiming   20 yuan counterfeit money correspondent Pan Ziqi Hou Quan, a large number of unknown number, may have been into the Guangzhou Shenzhen Buddha and other Pearl River Delta city and Sichuan Province, the people in charge 20 yuan notes, please be careful! Yesterday, the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Gaoming branch held a news conference, informed the Bureau recently cracked the case of large manufacturing and selling counterfeit money, police found clues in search of a mail from Maoming to a suspicious package, then raid Maoming destroyed two large manufacturing and selling counterfeit dens, arrested 4 suspects. These 20 yuan counterfeit money after "do old", can be deceptive. According to the scene and seized the 258 invoice shows, from September 1st to 14, the gang selling counterfeit 20 yuan will be sent to a large number of counterfeit money all over the country. The police found a suspicious package: from Maoming in September 12th this year, a branch of the police during a routine inspection of city of a courier company delivery of goods, found a very suspicious package: the package size is very small but very tightly packed, according to express a single display, the parcel was sent from Maoming to master, but the sender and recipient are pseudonyms, sent false address, email address for supermarket collection, the above phone number is wrong, can not connect. The police found the clues Luo said that due to the recent alarm display, Maoming local possession of a selling counterfeit dens, plus the traces, the police decided to wrap the check out of the box, there was 250 with a face value of 20 yuan counterfeit money found in a total of 5000 yuan. Police judge, this may be hidden behind a gang selling counterfeit. A Public Security Bureau immediately follow instructions of the Council, set up a task force investigation. Survey: using QQ group WeChat group transactions through big data platform verification, the panel found that the suspect even show their counterfeit money factory in the online video transmission, and send the finished counterfeit courier documents, selling counterfeit money on the internet. Buyers through the network search to find the information, it will join the QQ group, WeChat group, etc., and the suspects get in touch. According to the survey, the counterfeit trade is through WeChat wallet, red envelopes, Alipay and other online payment methods, means very subtle. The suspect received the buyer’s order, will immediately produce counterfeit money, counterfeit money and will give each other through the mail. After half a month of investigation, the police initially identified the suspect Huang Moulin and his foothold in the city of Maoming City three – Maonan District Maoming Road, a rental. Task force immediately rushed to Maoming to arrest. Arrest: waited 33 hours break on counterfeiting相关的主题文章: