The domestic Predator military public debut voyage 13 thousand – Sohu Military Channel seaway


The domestic "Predator" military public debut voyage 13 thousand – Sohu Military Channel upcoming November 1st opening of the eleventh session of the Zhuhai air show by the military fans have great expectations, all kinds of advanced equipment China allegedly will be unveiled a large number of. In October 25th, "Global Times" reporter from the Chinese Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics to understand, including the largest domestic police hit one of the drones "rainbow -5 (CH-5)", can fly up to twenty thousand meters above the solar UAV, both sea hovercraft and other 12 kinds of composite service related products will participate in the exhibition. Rainbow overwhelmed predators in the release of UAV exhibits, the most eye-catching is undoubtedly the first appearance of the rainbow -5 uav. According to official data, this is a large hollow long voyage a versatile UAV, wingspan of 21 meters, the maximum takeoff weight of 3.3 tons, can fly for 40 hours, a maximum range of 6500 kilometers. Rainbow series UAV chief architect Shi Wen said, compared with the previous rainbow -4, rainbow -5 in addition to the apparent size of the increase, more importantly, the use of heavy oil piston engine. He explained that, although it sounds better than the piston engine of UAV widely used advanced turboprop engine, but the fuel consumption rate is much smaller than the turboprop engine to. With the size similar to the United States "predator UAV B" compared to the "rainbow -5" time is 40 hours, an upgraded version of the future is expected to reach 100-120 hours, and the predator B lasted only more than and 20 hours. Such a long life, let the "rainbow -5" has a wide range of potential applications, not only can perform reconnaissance and ground attack missions, can also be used as mini-awacs and similar to E-8 as the ground integrated joint command platform. In addition, in civilian areas, the long battery life also makes carrying ship identification system and sea radar "rainbow -5" in the maritime patrol and surveillance are useful. This will be on display AR-1 and AR-2 UAV dedicated air to ground missiles, then let the "rainbow -5" on the land with the same performance beyond the predator B ". Shi Wen said that the United States, Predator drone strikes against the ground to perform the task, usually the use of Hellfire and other traditional anti tank missiles. But on the battlefield, the main targets of UAVs are often light vehicles, small houses or ground armed personnel. These were originally designed to restrain heavy MBT missiles not only too heavy, and the power of overcapacity is likely to cause collateral damage. In contrast, AR-1 2 missiles, light weight, high accuracy and low cost, so that the "rainbow -5" can mount a greater number of missiles, improving the operational efficiency cost ratio of uav. "Rainbow -5" UAV dare to challenge the U.S. "Predator", of course not blindly arrogant. According to the Global Times reporter, Rainbow series of unmanned aerial vehicles in recent years has been exported to more than and 10 countries, and has been tested in many combat. Iraq’s Ministry of defense website has announced the rainbow -4 UAV involved in counter-terrorism operations video. Stone.相关的主题文章: