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The eldest child Ambrose case of luxury car auction hundreds of the car (Figure) the case of Ambrose luxury car auction case of Ambrose luxury car auction case of Ambrose luxury car auction case of Ambrose luxury car sales in Sichuan Chengdu news network September 22nd news (reporter Liu Peipei photo coverage) the day before. Chengdu Railway Transportation Intermediate court in the online public auction network platform of Taobao Bentley, Rolls-Royce and other luxury cars. According to the assessment report released by the court, the auction involves the case of Ambrose multi car luxury (Sichuan news network reported). Sichuan news network reporter saw in the judicial auction platform, the 13 cars for auction of luxury cars, each car has tens of thousands of people to sign up to participate in the auction crowd, a lot of friends, all currently participate in the auction of vehicles has been applied to participate in the auction. According to the notice of the court issued a car, 2 pm today at -4, is to look at the scene to see the time of bidders. Sichuan news network reporter on the scene saw the car to be auctioned all parked in a warehouse, someone guarding the door. Some people see the car in a continuous line, some alone to the gathering in crowds and groups. In the warehouse, seized the car quietly parked in place, people see the car, looked around the vehicle using a mobile phone camera, open the door to sit at the same time, to discuss and exchange with the surrounding car. "The car is cheap, is feeling some old!" These are luxury cars, the price has been very cost-effective!" Look at the public discussion was very warm, the most attractive guys are concerned about Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce, a large crowd gathered to watch carefully in the car, the car line also opened the hood, with mobile phone lighting, check up the engine. Reporters learned that Lamborghini for auction starting price of 476 thousand, 49 people have been bidding application; Rolls-Royce’s starting price of 73 yuan, the current enrollment auction for 16 people. Sichuan news network reporter noted that there was a woman in the scene with a cell phone will be taken down every car. According to the woman, she is from Yunnan and is now a graduate student in Chengdu. Today, she was far from home in Yunnan, the father saw the news on the Internet, called her to the scene to see the car, and take pictures back to Yunnan. "I like the red Lamborghini best, but I don’t know which one my father likes." In addition to the general public, the Sichuan news network reporter also encountered a second-hand car shop mr.. Deng said that he saw the information on the Internet, I feel that the auction models are good models, but also the market value of the larger space. "It is not determined to buy, but also under the condition, does not rule out and buy their own open!" Mr. Deng said, he also saw many familiar peers in the field. According to the site at least 200 bailiffs, people came to see this afternoon. News links: in May 23, 2014, Liu Han, Liu Wei and other 36 people suspected of organizing, leading, participating in the crime syndicate and intentional homicide and other cases in Hubei, the first instance verdict. Liu Han, Liu Weiyi was sentenced to death. August 7, 2014, the Hubei Provincial Higher People’s Court of second instance verdict, upheld the first instance of Liu Han, Liu Wei’s death sentence, death penalty 7相关的主题文章: