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The first half report: harden 15+7 eyebrows brother 17 rockets 68-65 Pelican – Sohu sports > > data point shooting record of Beijing October 9th, 2016 NBA Chinese opener in Shanghai Mercedes Mercedes Benz cultural center started against both the Houston rockets and New Orleans pelicans team. Halftime, the Rockets 68-65 temporarily lead. James 6+6 eyebrows brother cut 9 points in the first quarter, the two teams to launch the attack. The side of the eyebrows brother free throws, dunk, jumper, continuous attack succeeded; rocket side, harden is 3 pass from Cappella, hit the basket successful. Since then, harden playing along, the Rockets in the beard led, gradually occupy the market advantage. Harden hit three points, then pass within easy layup, half day much time has 5 assists. And in the score, the Rockets also to 24-16 lead, forcing opponents called pause. After a pause, the attack situation did not change, harden three points once again hit the storm, Nene works, single finished, rocket 37-30 lead. Harden 15+7 17 eyebrows brother Festival, both opened up a rocket rotation, by Macdaniels and Prigioni completed aerial connection, Mike Daniels dunks. But after that, the Rockets appear habitual lax, outside Solomon – Pelican Hill drive, gradually approaching the score. Moore layup, pelican, success will be worse even. The next game, tug of war between the two sides, enter the first half 1 minutes before the two teams tied at 63. At this moment, harden suddenly stood out, he once hit three points, and in line 3 foul penalty 2, when he shot the scene, Chinese fans sounded MVP cries. Halftime, the Rockets 68-65 temporarily lead. The starting lineup: Anthony – Davies, Fraser, Hill, Solomon osik, ET- Moore rockets starting lineup: Ariza, Ryan Anderson, Cappella, Eric, Gordon harden (Poirot)相关的主题文章: