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The former Prime Minister of Tokyo on the trial of the 70 anniversary of "calling on Andouble to face the history original title: Chinese and foreign experts to discuss the" 70 anniversary of the "Tokyo trial of former Japanese Prime Minister Andouble called on to face the history [Global Times reporter Feng plume] to commemorate the international military Tribunal for the Far East (Tokyo trial) trial 70 anniversary," 2016 Tokyo international academic world peace and justice forum "held in Shanghai Jiao Tong University on November 12th to 13, from in the United States, Japan, Britain, New Zealand’s 25 leading international law experts and historians from different perspectives, how to explain this more than half a century ago international trials continue to influence today’s international society, and in-depth study of the" war and peace "an eternal theme. The Tokyo trial was the trial of the Japanese war crimes against the Second World War in Tokyo, Japan between 1946 and 1948, and the only class a war crimes tribunal. Professor Gao Wenbin, when he was 95 years old China prosecutor and the Secretary of Chinese translation, is the only surviving witness the trial in Tokyo. 12, 2009, Professor Gao said at the opening ceremony of the forum, said the Tokyo trial is a defense of the trial of civilization. From the beginning of the day of the trial in Tokyo, Tokyo and Japan will have to reverse the negative trial of Japanese war criminals voice clamor trend in recent years. This is a reflection of the German government and the people of the Nazi fascist crime in stark contrast, can not help but cause peace loving people’s concerns and thinking. 12 former Japanese Prime Minister Murayama Fuchi on the forum sent a 9 minute video speech, he expressed concern about the Japanese authorities attempt to appear to deny the trend of history, called on Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to face trial in Tokyo history, inherit and carry forward the spirit of murayama. Togo Kazuhiko, a professor at Kyoto University of industry, made a speech on the trial of Tokyo and me. It is worth mentioning that Togo Kazuhiko’s grandfather Togo Shigenori during World War II, former Japanese foreign minister, the 28 war criminals is one of the Tokyo trial court, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, after the death in prison. Tokyo, Chinese trial judge Mei Ruao’s daughter Mei Xiaokan, then the prosecutor to zhejun son to Long Wan also attended the forum. Mei Xiaokan said, on the one hand because of the Japanese right-wing forces to deny the history, but also because of a Chinese forgetfulness is large, so it is necessary to take some historical data and reproduction. In the afternoon of 13 free discussion session, Japan, the continuation and development of the village talk, chairman Fujita Takei excitedly talked about his feelings. He said that the Tokyo trial did not mention the germ warfare, which is a lack of. Last month, he went to Harbin to listen to a lot of history of the bacteria factory, when many people participated in the Anti Japanese activities in North Korea, the Mongols, Chinese people died of bacterial warfare. While the United States out of their own interests, and Japan made a secret deal, 731 units of bacteria in crime has not been tried; after the war, some of the core characters of 731 projects have to go to hospital when the doctor, some go to the pharmaceutical companies and the University, no one has been punished. In this regard, Japan and the United States should be responsible. Fujita said that the history of mining, to restore its true face. Now the Japanese government face 2相关的主题文章: