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The former Real Madrid star girlfriend limited pocket money: the end users love love playing sports and less injured reporter Wang Qin Bo Cavani reported in November 6th Paris Saint Germain 4-0 victory over Rennes Ligue 1, and for. Uruguay people do not know the injury can change the Hesse Paris Saint Germain in the situation, the latter was once regarded as the most useless takeover of the club this summer. He had just appeared in Real Madrid, has been regarded as a new C Ronaldo fans, once high hopes for him, hope he becomes the new leader Bernabeu produced. However, the summer of 2016 and was sold 25 million euros to Real Madrid to Paris Saint Germain, means that the legend of Bernabeu’s dream has come to an end. Unveiled in Paris in early August, the world media and onlookers not display the new club Jersey, but his sexy girlfriend. The ratio of Hesse large 3 year old Spanish girl figure too enchanting, like painting out of the lordosis after alice. He and his girlfriend Ruiz Ola is a fellow from the west coast of Africa in Canary Islands. When Hesse to Real Madrid’s first team, ora also came home from Madrid, trying to get success in the entertainment industry. The girl is said to be very young to capture the public’s attention with her photos. She also used hundreds of thousands of followers on social networks. In the summer of 2016, the two went to Maldives for a holiday. She gave up acting for Hersey, concentrate on to Paris with her boyfriend, but also not forget for a moment to update social networking allows webmasters yibaoyanfu. However, Hesse in Paris does not kick the ball on the situation caused a lot of concern. After the end of October. On time in the network discloses a sexy photo, a lot of friends of her sudden collective make suggestions, and hope that she and reduce the frequency of sex, otherwise the Hesse state is difficult to improve. According to reports, and seem to be more concerned about the consumption of his girlfriend on the other hand: money. Under friends’ advice, and issued a monthly budget of 6000 euros. Cap. Buy clothes to buy shoes to buy packages to buy cosmetics casually, but only the money! Welcome to download the most professional sports sports + APP"相关的主题文章: