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The Internet home wife husband linger at dead of night anxious false alarm dxperience


The Internet home wife husband linger at dead of night anxious false alarm in November 2nd at about 1 in the morning, Hangzhou police station stone calm was ringing broke: the police comrades, I want to report someone in a certain Internet cafe gambling floor two!" The other end of the phone is a woman. Not a few minutes, the police arrived at the scene, after a patrol, in addition to the normal playing the game online guests, did not find any suspicious signs, not to mention gambling. Police contacted the police again. The police comrades, I tell you, my husband still went to Internet cafes, always at dead of night was not home, I want you to bring him back." The woman was a cattle alarm that quickly. In order to let the husband to go home early, even false alarm, this is not nonsense! On the one hand, the police to help a cow for her husband to persuade, on the other hand on a also carried out serious criticism and education. Consider a cow for a first offense, not subjective malice, no serious consequences, so as to her criticism and education, and a cow I also apologized to the police. Police in the case of limited resources, disturb the normal alarm, you may be missing the alarm, which really need to help people affected. Which lies alarm situation is illegal: according to "Public Security Management Punishment Law" provisions of article twenty-fifth, spread rumors, false danger, epidemic, alarm or otherwise intentionally disrupt public order, at least 5 to 10 days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, 5 days detention or a fine of 500 yuan.相关的主题文章: