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The Lebanese army killed 6 militants IS original title: the Lebanese army killed 6 Islamist militants in February 3, Xinhua news agency, Beirut (reporter Liu Shun) the Lebanese army announced that 3 Lebanese troops in the border between Syria and the eastern mountain al Saleh killed 6 extremist organization Islamic state militants and arrested 16 people. The Lebanese army said in a statement, attacks in that Islamist militants of Al Saleh Li Jun plan mountain outpost and kidnap civilians after the Lebanese army intelligence, on the morning of 3 of this group of militants gathered at the raid, killing 6 militants and seized a number of weapons, ammunition and explosives. In addition, the Lebanese army also destroyed the Islamic state on the same day in the area of a "battlefield hospital", arrested 16 people. There were no casualties in the Lebanese army. The statement said that the Lebanese army to strengthen security measures in the Al Saleh region, continue to chase fleeing terrorists. Affected by the Syria crisis, tensions intensified in the border area of Lebanon and syria. Extremist organization militants often sneak into Lebanon from Syria, and occupy some border areas such as Al Sall stronghold, to Lebanon’s military facilities and civilian targets launched attacks, resulting in many Lebanese soldiers and civilians casualties. (finished) editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

黎巴嫩军队打死6名IS武装分子   原标题:黎巴嫩军队打死6名“伊斯兰国”武装分子   新华社贝鲁特2月3日电 (记者刘顺) 黎巴嫩军方3日宣布,黎军队当天在东部与叙利亚接壤的阿尔萨勒山区打死6名极端组织“伊斯兰国”武装分子,并抓捕16人。   黎巴嫩军方当天发表声明说,在获悉“伊斯兰国”武装分子计划对阿尔萨勒山区的黎军哨所发动袭击并绑架平民的情报后,黎军队3日早晨对这伙武装 分子聚集处发动突袭,打死6名武装分子,并缴获一批武器弹药和爆炸物。此外,黎巴嫩军队当天还捣毁“伊斯兰国”在该地区的一家“战地医院”,抓获16人。 黎巴嫩军队方面没有人员伤亡。   声明说,黎巴嫩军队在阿尔萨勒地区加强安全措施,继续追捕逃窜的恐怖分子。   受叙利亚危机外溢影响,黎叙边境地区紧张局势加剧。极端组织武装分子时常从叙利亚潜入黎巴嫩,并占据阿尔萨勒等一些边界山区作为据点,向黎境内军事设施和民用目标发动袭击,造成黎巴嫩众多军人和平民伤亡。(完) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: