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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Who wishes to put up a Justin Bieber cardboard cutout on their special event? After all Justin Bieber is a young and famous celebrity, perhaps scoring higher than Barack Obama! He is especially loved by his young fans, due to his much greater online influence, which can be traced on channels like You Tube and Twitter, where he was named as top-trending star in 2010. Also, not everyone get to attend his live concerts, because his fans are just everywhere in the world. So putting up his cardboard cutout on events like birthday party or say a graduation celebration will certainly give you a feeling that he is just around you, to share your event! The influence of these cardboard cutouts can be enhanced in a party if the entire ambience has been set up in Justin Bieber"s tenor. Grab Justin Bieber song playlists from his albums like My World 2.0 (2010), Under the Mistletoe (2011) and Believe (2012)- you can easily get them on channels like You Tube, or in the form of DVDs at any music store close to your place; and keep them playing throughout your event to give the JB touch! His fans can also make JB character cakes, get paper plates and glasses with his images on them, and goody bags with candies and other stuff wrapped with a JB theme. People have also been found to carry life-sized Justin Bieber cardboard cutouts on their prom nights as their prom-date! Not only girls but also guys have been seen carrying his cut-outs with them, as their "bro". JB has certainly got a bunch of fans out there who really love him and regard him as their hero! If you have ever attended his concert or found him somewhere and got his sign on one of your belongings, like your T-shirt, and were able to get snapshots of him, you can put them all up on, say a board, and hang it on your wall, to enhance the effect, which will also let everyone see your memorable meeting-experience with the famous artist. Justin Bieber cardboard cutouts can be found easily online in different sizes and at different rates. You can also .pare the images and sizes with their costs against different .panies" offers and select the best one that you like. During or at the end of the party, everyone can get snapshots with the stand-up cardboard in groups and in pairs, and send them to their other friends and cousins to show around. Also you can use this theme with any other theme of your party like a costume party event, where everyone will be wearing his images in the form of shirts, masks, musical instruments with his images, etc. If you want a real hit-story for your party, this kind of idea would definitely boost your event and people will be talking just about it for the next few days at least; and perhaps wanting to .anize their events like yours! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: