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The NDRC said the hospital leaders redlining curb prices plan coal stocks pulled up late www.40sqw.com


The NDRC said the hospital leaders redlining late coal stocks pulled coal plan suppression source: WeChat public "concept of rocks"   Author: Cao Shan Ishihara Title: development and Reform Commission said the hospital leaders redlining curb prices plan, what means? National Development and Reform Commission special coal conference ended today. In the disclosure of all meeting points, a brief review meeting cause. In April this year, the supply side reform, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of human resources, the National Energy Bureau and the National Coal Safety Supervision Bureau jointly issued a document request, the national coal mine since 2016 annual working time is not more than 276 working days. If the strict implementation of this policy, the national coal production this year will be able to complete over 5 tons. After the coal market is "coal" flying colors, steam coal and coking coal prices are showing a pull up mode, coal stocks soaring. So the special meeting unexpected coal. The main points are as follows: 1 "stable supply of coal, coal prices rose too fast suppression plan" has been submitted to the State Council leaders redlining will soon be released, including plans; the starting conditions, the implementation of principal, etc.. 2, the coal industry has achieved certain results to capacity, as of the end of August this year, capacity to finish the task 60%, the cumulative production capacity of 1.5 tons to industry. The implementation of the 3 plan is put in the coal industry to production background, not to capacity with confidence and determination to shake this year; the legitimate production capacity of 55 tons, the effective demand of about 36-37 million tons, the compression space is still large, not because the current price increases slowed to production pace. 4 the implementation of the plan is not only the regulation of coal prices, but also relates to the structural adjustment within the industry, and to co-ordinate the capacity to ensure the supply of coal, coal prices will remain at a reasonable level, to prevent the short-term change radically. 5 coal prices in the short term from the market base, despite the decline in production, while demand is also declining, the current price increase is not a turning point in supply and demand. 6 play the leading role of advanced production capacity, supply and demand regulation; advanced production capacity approved the first batch of a total of 74 coal mines. Monthly incremental space 7 advanced production capacity of coal mines: re approved production capacity (276 days) and the original approved capacity (330 days) the difference; monthly output adjustment can not exceed 330 days of production capacity, annual production capacity is still not exceed 276 days. 8 "plan" in three, two, a level response mechanism: three level response, Bohai thermal coal price rose to 460 yuan, rose for two consecutive weeks, the average yield of 200 thousand tons, including the response range of Jin Shan Meng, 53 coal mines; in response to two, coal prices rose to 480 Yuan then, average daily output of 300 thousand tons, including the response range of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and Mongolia, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, 66 coal mines; a response, coal prices rose to 500 yuan, while the average daily output of 500 thousand tons, is in the range of 74 coal mines nationwide. Response to the stop condition: the price fell to 490 yuan, down for the first time in a row for the first time in a row for the first time in two weeks, down to $470, level two, and down to $460. The current price for two consecutive weeks in more than $480, in line with the response level of two. 9 in line with the advanced production capacity of coal enterprises and Coal Industry Association相关的主题文章: