The new A4L passion gift tasting, teachers’ Day Special


The new A4L passion gift tasting and special teachers’ day in September is a harvest season is a season of Thanksgiving, a piece of chalk the sleeves swaying with every soft breeze three feet four podium barometer! Hard teachers, finally ushered in their own festivals. When the teacher’s day and the Mid Autumn Festival will encounter a dazzling spark so clean, September 8th -10, Guangzhou morning peak Audi for every gardener private custom Audi luxury courtesy don’t blame the small morning did not disclose the teachers’ day before the three set new A4L customers can also win the two day night dream leisurely Bay Island tour!       · in September; the new A4L · passion gift tasting; teacher’s Day special event theme: Audi · September autumn morning peak ";" passion gift activity name: new A4L tasting · teacher’s Day special event time: September 2016 8-10, September 8-9,   Part1:   Audi morning peak in 993 MusicFm     Part2:; college exhibition Xie Shien September 10th     A4L · new tasting; teachers’ Day special       whether the students in your school or party has graduated work as long as you want and teachers more "warm" the Guangzhou morning peak of Audi! MusicFM993 work together to create a "read you follow, reunion team on 8-9 September, and we walked into the campus star DJ become the embodiment of the" moon cakes "man woman for your dear teacher sent Holiday greetings and words you want to say! So happy to decide! Your mind, simple and surprise teacher no reason not to get! Registration method is very simple! Poke in ~ ~ Click to read the full text of your information (name + contact + you want to say to the teacher) we will have staff contact you! The new Audi A4L   in this struggle enterprising era "to" the future, with the strength of burst strength 40 new upgrade changes ten technology comprehensive reform opened a full sensory experience is the driving time behind you dare, and the new Audi A4L sense of entitlement, a sense of release? Want to have a break in the era of perfect car? New Audi A4L waiting for you to control! A new generation of Audi A4L car has to store the new Audi A4L booking hot in the remaining models are huge benefit 020-28360999 special thanks to the Guangdong radio and television music in this event to support sales hotline: 020-28360999 service hotline: 020-28360222 Reservation Hotline: 020-28360988 insurance claims 24 hours hotline: 1353333032024 hour rescue service;相关的主题文章: