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The new BMW 7 Series express Hing head pay 179 thousand and 600 yuan presumably, you thought so much of you already have iphone7? This is definitely a hot technology Coldplay again this year. However, the same is "7", has a keen sense of smell the flavor of the times you have not thought so easy to be open on a modern luxury smart car? A little heart, from now on, dedicated to build the new BMW 7 series of financial policies have been introduced, enjoy the high-end life planning, investment, so, from the aspects of financial BMW help you TA home, absolutely no joke! The new BMW 7 Series Wyatt loan financial plan – low down payment, time is more flexible to have one of the BMW 7 series? Do not think the cash flow? Wyatt BMW loan financial plan that you understand you, but let you enjoy low to 20% Shoufu, diversification retainage repayment methods, can let you more flexible repayment, to ease liquidity pressures, 36 months free loan period, more flexible balance can be flexibly adjusted according to the proportion of open pin and the investment plan also, what you say! In 2017 BMW 730Li leading type as an example, the down payment required to pay 179600 yuan, can be divided into 36 phases, 11747 yuan per month for repayment, payment can be selected according to the actual situation, the balance delay or one-time repaid, flexible manner, for your investment plan to leave more space! Month for capacity expansion plan – Insurance installment, reasonable optimization of funds? Auto insurance can also be for the month, you heard right, BMW finance is so sweet! The plan for compatibilization for BMW months, according to the Car Buying loan installment time, based in your vehicle price installments, vehicle insurance, security keys together included stage, no longer have to worry about funding zhouzhuanbukai, this scheme can effectively reduce the Car Buying when the first payment amount, let you give the car protection the most intimate and comprehensive protection, intimate and practical! In 2017 BMW 730Li leading type as an example, the loan period of 36, 3 years to pay for vehicle insurance as an example, compared to the original loan when mentioning the need to pay the full amount of insurance, now only based on financial plan on loan Wyatt, an increase of 1906 yuan per month, you can quickly put away a car with a comprehensive protection can modern 2017 luxury BMW 730Li leading type! (more than the amount of insurance for reference) to subvert the cognition, now, 2017 BMW 730Li leading in the creation of fast control at the same time, also make driving safer, BMW financial will have "touch the future" the keys to your hands, enjoy the distinguished exclusive financial services, enjoy the high-end life, you also don’t move? About BMW brand automobile BMW Beijing express Po BMW motorcycle BMW I BMW M in Beijing area, the whole series of products authorized dealers – Beijing express Hing brand BMW series authorized dealers – Beijing express Xingbao inquiries please to: Beijing express Hing 4S Center Address: Beijing City, Daxing District Xihongmen Zhen Ding Road No. 19 sales call: 400-681-6280 service:相关的主题文章: