The new Shidaoshan tunnel opened to traffic yesterday the new tunnel design speed of 120 km guitarpro5


The new Shidaoshan tunnel opened to traffic yesterday a new tunnel design speed of 120 kilometers per hour according to the Wuhu news network reported on September 28th at 10 in the morning, with the Wuhu high-speed Shidaoshan tunnel between the old and new traffic isolation facilities dismantled, the social concern of Shidaoshan tunnel emergency project officially put into operation, started after the completion of the comprehensive services in the first "the eleven" golden week traffic peak, will effectively alleviate this section "every day will block the traffic pressure. Wuhu high-speed Shidaoshan tunnel is located in Chaohu city streets to Bantang Si Xing Zheng Cun, put into use in December 1995. Over the past 20 years, with the rapid economic and social development in our province, the old tunnel has been difficult to meet the demand for peak traffic. To this end, the Anhui Provincial Transportation Holding Group in April 2015 to advance the construction of the expansion project through tunnel emergency engineering test. Try the emergency project through tunnel length of 3.35 kilometers, is on both sides of the original tunnel for each new tunnel, the original double hole four lane "change" for the four hole eight lane. Among them, the new tunnel left hole (Hefei to Wuhu direction) 1.22 km long, right hole (Wuhu to Hefei direction) length of 1.31 km, the design speed of 120 km. The new tunnel safety performance and user-friendly design, in particular, worthy of praise". The use of asphalt pavement of new tunnel, tunnel width of 11.5 meters, compared with the old tunnel increases with the width of 1 meters, two lane tunnel belongs to the current standard. In addition, the construction of the new tunnel widely used new technology and new materials, greatly improve the ride comfort, traffic safety and emergency support capabilities. For example, the new tunnel is the import and export of 7 lamp set within 180 meters, and reduce the change of tunnel light, LED lamps are arranged on both sides of the enhanced 250 watts, improve the lighting brightness. The new tunnel with 6 sets of fan increase the air circulation, set up two of vehicular and pedestrian passage, adding high water to ensure that the tunnel fire water, improve the ability of disaster prevention and rescue. The new tunnel by three line road signs, so that the majority of riders can effectively distinguish the driving region. In addition, the new tunnel color road laying in the entrance, 30 meters range, not only can play a warning role in the rain and snow weather conditions, but also can prevent the vehicle sideslip. According to the provincial transportation holding group responsible person, accompanied by a high-speed Wuhu Shidaoshan tunnel emergency project was completed, and Wuhu preparatory work "four to eight" high speed expansion is also wildly beating gongs and drums in. At present, the expansion project (Lin head to Longxi Interchange) of the use of forest land has been approved for the project site approval and project promotion work to create favorable conditions. Expansion project is expected to start construction within the year, the construction period is expected to be 3 years. Wang Yehua Jin Wen Liu Yongshe reef相关的主题文章: