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The peak: "prior to" do sports event with international standards — Yunnan channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn October 14 Kunming Xinhua (Zhu Hongxia, Li Faxing, Xu Qian, Xue Dan) 14 afternoon, the 2016 Kunming International Marathon press conference held in Kunming, the event sponsored by the Shanghai cooperation organization, will be held held in Kunming in December 17, 2016, the government of Yunnan province deputy governor of the peak at the conference said that Yunnan beautiful, pleasant climate, many ethnic groups, has a long history, is a bright pearl of the China southwest, is a multi-ethnic harmony, the harmonious development of the provinces. Kunming is a plateau scenery of the city, "the weather often as of February and March, four spring flowers continuously" reputation, is the world famous "Spring City" and "flower", is one of the outstanding tourist city Chinese. From the beginning of 2012, Kunming held for many years in the international marathon, has accumulated rich experience in hosting the marathon. Gao said, the Yunnan provincial government and Kunming municipal government attaches great importance to events organized work, the hospitality of the people of Yunnan expect the SCO members and guests from all over the World Marathon lovers come. We will try our best to make the Kunming international marathon run with international standards, the injection concept, reflecting the characteristics of Yunnan, Kunming highlight the image of the sports event, and to hold the event as an opportunity to fully demonstrate the beauty and vitality of Kunming, Yunnan and Kunming as the opening show, Chinese livable city charm. Peak stressed that we will strive to become a competition to enhance friendship, deepen understanding, expand cooperation and seek win-win beauty event. We will bring a beautiful and experience to the general public, visitors and members of the SCO representatives, leaving unforgettable memories. We will give full play to the advantages of location, resources, open, active service and integrated into the national development strategy, accelerate the construction of China for South Asia Southeast Asia radiation center, built in Yunnan and the SCO member states in the economic, cultural, commercial, tourism and other multilateral exchanges and cooperation platform, and actively integrate into the construction of The Belt and Road ". Share to: (commissioning editor: Zhu Hongxia, Yang Liangwang)相关的主题文章: