The police cracked the marriage fraud Gang specialized in rural areas for the new network object in coscoqd


The police cracked the marriage fraud Gang specialized in rural areas for the new object in the singles – – reporter Gao Zhiqiang intern correspondent Niu Jingfang Fanli. Washington is the mother of many children, but for the sake of money again to "marry" Neihuang and Tangyin, and to the relatives grounds, between 3 "husband". The police carefully investigation, one devoted to the rural single objects to defraud marriage fraud gangs surfaced, never married women’s price is 110 thousand, 80 thousand yuan for women’s remarriage, Neihuang and surrounding rural single men cailiqian. Yesterday, reporters from the Neihuang County Public Security Bureau was informed that, at present, the fraud gang arrested. According to police investigators told reporters, Neihuang Dou Gong Xiang Liu has a young deer, police said, over tens of thousands of cailiqian married bride, bride missing. There Tangyin County Zhao, Zheng Yunlai and Huang Xie in the matchmaker introduced the Guizhou woman Fu Tingting, he sent home to pay 58000 yuan bride price money, gave Huang Xie 10 thousand yuan gift money after the media and others, Fu Tingting will be back to my hometown in Tangyin. 3 months later, Fu Tingting told Zhao, her father was dying, according to local customs are not allowed to attend the funeral of her son-in-law, only one father put his back. Fu Tingting walked away from the news, Zhao to Guizhou to find Fu Tingting, that his new wife was actually the mother of 4 children. Zhao this thoroughly understand that he was cheated, he went home after the police. Dou Gong police station from the matchmaker of Zheng Yunlai. According to Zheng Yunlai confession, he is working in Guizhou met another matchmaker Huang Xie. Huang Xie said to work together and he introduced dating matchmaking, Henan and Guizhou in the women’s singles, two people received a gift of money from the media. In November 2015, the police take Zheng shipped south to Guizhou, in cooperation with local police, arrested the Huang Xie. Huang Xie confessed to the crime, but to help the police arrested Pianhun bride Chen Xiaoyan and Zhao Shufen on the grounds that the police will lie to escape after the local deep mountains and forests. Through unremitting efforts, Huang Xie, Fu Tingting and others have been arrested and jailed. In September 19th this year, another matchmaker Zhang Yamei arrested, this is dedicated to the rural single objects to defraud marriage fraud Gang declared destruction. It is understood that the payment of 34 year old Tingting, after her husband died, leaving her with a child, she was unable to bear the burden of the family, leaving this group of children ran away from home, the children of the 4. Later accidentally met Huang Xie, in Huang Xie persuasion, began Pianhun road.相关的主题文章: