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The potential long looming 80% new fund positions waiting for the opportunity – fund channel statistics show that equity fund products in recent 3 months established, in a state of short positions accounted for about 80%, more than 50% of the fund less than 10% positions. The fund manager believes that the current stock market game lack of new funds into the market, the next is expected to lighten up, need to pay attention to the reform and the policy of the time difference. 80% new fund positions in September 12th the market fell sharply, which represents the blue chip market in Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index fell 1.67%, the gem index representative of emerging growth stocks fell 2.61%. From the performance of the fund, stock fund average net worth fell 1.55%, of which the common stock funds fell by an average of 2.27%, the index fund net average fell 2.12%, partial shares mixed fund net average fell 1.31%. Comparison of changes in the fund’s net value and market changes in the situation, there is a minimum position requirements of the stock fund positions generally higher, while the mixed fund positions roughly six or seven or so. (see the fund asset allocation) positions from the recent establishment of the active management of fund products, the overall position is very low, of which 80% fund products are basically in the state of short positions. Statistics show that in June since the establishment of the 172 actively managed fund products, including common stock funds, partial shares of hybrid funds and flexible allocation of funds, in September 12th fell, the net decline in more than 1% of only 20, the net change in more than 0.5% products is only 28, while net in less than 0.2% of the fund up to 126. The control the overall market price range, the new fund, about 80% in the basic state of short positions, the position is higher than 50% of the fund is only more than 10% products. Also in the July 27th crash, as well as the market rose in August 15th, the net value of the new fund changes are small, the overall position is also very low. That is, in September 12th the net decline of 20 products more than 1%, including 7 Shanghai Hong Kong Shenzhen theme fund, including a 2.67% decline in Qianhai Shanghai and Hong Kong open source selection, leading deep down 2.11% BAOYING Internet deep Shanghai and Hong Kong etc.. Wait for the Jiancang opportunities in the industry view, relative to the longer established public fund, newly established new fund positions, which shows that the fund managers to judge the current market. The new fund overall remain at a very low position, shows that the fund manager is still waiting for the opportunity Jiancang better. An emerging growth style fund managers believe that since the beginning of the year fell, the market continued low volatility, lack of money effect, investor risk appetite, the pursuit of deterministic performance becomes an important logic fund manager positions, but underestimate the value of blue chips rose, this matter belongs to the assets of the company’s debt attraction also decreased, while the market diffusion to the PPP market, or that the bond asset class investment logic gradually coming to an end. Fund managers in the above view, although most of the new fund positions are very low, but not.相关的主题文章: