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The public offering fund set by the lift declaration boom 15 is queued pending the Sina foundation exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Huang Shuhui – this year, the market weak shocks, the market will increase to become one of the hedge funds and win long-term income position. The recent increase in the amount of public offering of funds raised significantly, many agencies believe that the overall market is difficult to fall sharply, with a certain discount rate can be given to increase the relative determination of the opportunity. However, some analysts have pointed out that the tighter regulation and the influx of a large number of funds into the compression of the given increase in the discount rate, making it difficult to obtain excess earnings. However, the recent market will increase the discount rate rebounded slightly. Set by the public offering intensive issue before 2016, only UBS SDIC, CAITONG and Jiutai three fund company issued a clear set by the theme of the public offering of products. Since 2016, more and more fund companies to participate in this market, the number of public offering will increase the number of funds increased rapidly. Data show that in 2015 the establishment of the theme set by the funds raised a total of 4, respectively, SDIC SDIC Rayleigh, Rui Ying, CAITONG selected and Jiutai anruizhi. As of September 12th, since the establishment of this year has been raised by the public fund has reached 14. Recently, CAITONG fund’s first three public offering will increase the product – CAITONG Multi Strategy enjoy the blessing in September 9th to raise the end, first raised the scale of more than 4 billion 600 million. In addition, there are 4 fixed fund is being issued. At the same time, the Commission released the latest fund raising publicity for approval schedule table shows, since July the fund declaration given increased funds enthusiasm significantly improved, the total declared 16 set by the fund, currently has only 15 are queued pending. In addition, CAITONG Jiutai formed the first mover advantage companies continue to force in this field, such as financing, Dacheng, CCB, Xincheng, Central Europe and other fund companies also have the layout of the market. It is not easy to obtain excess returns at this point to have the layout of fixed gain products, some agencies have pointed out, mainly to judge A stock market as a whole fell sharply, with the overall risk of the project given by some safety cushion is relatively controllable. Yu Yu, Xinfeng built by aspiring fund manager Wu Shangwei said that the current opportunity to increase the project given by the Nuggets in two areas. First of all, in the beta, around 3000 points concussion sustained market position to see in the next two years, are in good time set by the. Secondly, in terms of Alfa, his statistics for two years by the fund to participate in the transit project close to 400, the project is rich in reserves. However, due to a lot of institutions are aimed at increasing market investment opportunities, access to excess income is also increasing the difficulty. Previously, due to the excessive influx of market funds increased, leading to a reduction in the discount cushion security trend. Especially in the two quarter of 2016, with the market to pick up, the rapid increase in the discount rate. In this regard, Fidelity Fund senior investment manager Chen Chen believes that since June, some projects will increase the discount rate reduced, actually increased the difficulty will increase investment, but will increase the supply of the相关的主题文章: