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The river main city of Frankfurt Tourism – Sohu rainism


The river main city of Frankfurt Tourism 1 – Sohu stayed at the Holiday Inn hotel outside the street this is the second time I went to Frankfurt in the summer of 2004, I have been in this city for a short stay for a few days, visited the old city and financial center, the river main, took one day to Heidelberg (the when taken many photos of Frankfurt haven’t hair, ha ha…)… This is just to Czech and other central European countries, by the way, then travel to germany. Because Frankfurt is an important industrial and commercial, financial and transportation center in Germany, it is also the largest air station and railway hub in germany. So China travel to Europe, Frankfurt is one of the most important transit station, for us, in addition to convenience, a large number of flights stopped here, the ticket price is also quite an advantage. 2 in the Holiday Inn Hotel 3.Holiday Inn hotel entrance with a bus station 4 arrive second days in Frankfurt early in the morning, as usual, a morning stroll in the vicinity of the hotel, look at the street, look at the early people… Experience local life… The road opposite the white building is estimated to be a beer factory, you must know the famous beer festival in Munich, Germany beer is very famous, every year the Germans consume too many to count beer, this beer factory in Germany are everywhere, this all the way to see a good few, the Germans have natural potbellied time in you are the face. 5.Holiday Inn Hotel opposite a church. Hesse is the earliest one of the residents, is also the first to convert to the Lutheran believers, numerous churches and their spiritual sustenance, an indispensable part of life. 6 double decker sightseeing bus 7 8 Rome square (Romerberg) Berg 9 Frankfurt Rome Berg square, is built in the middle ages of Europe, located in the old city of Frankfurt, is the center of the whole Frankfurt square, fair and fair, and political rallies and the court held here. In the Second World War, the truss building around the five corners square was completely destroyed. The square was rebuilt shortly after World War ii. But the row of buildings east of the square, namely ancient Nobel Siange (Grosser Engel), Gauld (Goldener Greif), Waldman Graf (Wilder Mann), Berg (Kleiner Dachsberg) kleyna amnesty, and the ancient Yousi Lao Ben Berg (Grosser Laubenberg), until 1986 1980 – was rebuilt. 10 11 12 old Nicola Church (Alte Nikolaikirche) 13 is the symbol of Frankfurt spire gable three seat house in fifteenth Century as part of the old city hall or Romer, is now located at the town hall. 14 in the middle of the 15 16 square stands facing the old相关的主题文章: