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The super – Hulk comeback + penalty shot burst on the Hong Kong home court tied 2-2 Guoan Hulk Phoenix sports news Beijing time on the night of September 9th, the twenty-fourth round of Super League a focus of the war, the Hong Kong Shanghai 2-2 draw with Beijing Guoan home court. The second half of the game, the injury Hulk shot burst xianbatouchou. National security rely on Yilmaz’s penalty and Lei Tenglong’s header against the score. The final stage of the Hulk into penalty punishment. The Hong Kong home court after the draw, a game behind the third Shenhua 1 points. This is the eighth game Super League teams in the history of Hong Kong, after 1 wins 2 flat 4 negative completely at a disadvantage in recent 4 times and national confrontation, the Hong Kong 2 flat 2 negative have not won, this season for the first time meet, Hong Kong Guoan lost 1-2 away. The starting lineup, Hong Kong from strong array, Evra, Wu Lei, El Eriksson, Hulk co front Quartet, also by Yu Dabao, Zhang Xizhe, Guo, Sergeyev Yilmaz’s offensive line to deal with. Opening soon, the Hulk is complete in the restricted area outside the foot nushe, hit the ball in the national team who pop up out of bounds. Tenth minutes, Guoan foul ball throw in, Sergeyev ball to the right, Yu Dabao got the ball inside the defensive in the box, then right foot low shot, the ball slightly missed. Nineteenth minutes, Guoan right instigated offensive shot of Yilmaz did not play a positive part, follow Sergeyev hit the door, Yan Junling closed the ball out. Twenty-second minutes, Shi Ke qiuhou long, Wu Lei Lei Tenglong fell to the ground trying to hit the door, the first step to intercept, Yang Zhi ball confiscated. Twenty-eighth minutes, El Eriksson ball, on the right side of the Fu Huan stopping slightly, then hit the door kicked in the side of the net. Thirty-first minutes, Hulk free kick, the ball hit back on Ralph. 1 minutes later, on the front of the restricted area pass, Li Lei header down, keep up with the door to play, Jin Zhourong will block out the ball. Thirty-fourth minutes, hulk and Evra transfer, Evra left foot shot was blocked. Thirty-ninth minutes Yu Dabao fell to the ground, but he chose to keep playing in the first half. Forty-fourth minutes, Sun Xiang left long, Wu Lei took the ball in the box on the right, Evra header top side. Hulk scored Zhang Chiming came on as a substitute for the injured Yu Dabao. Forty-eighth minutes, Zhang Xizhe right corner, Crimee Mainz received teammates after the header rub tongshe break, but offside, the goal is invalid. Fifty-first minutes, Wu Lei midfielder pass, Hulk closed front ball, then swung open two security guards, suddenly directly pull his left foot shot burst, for such a powerful shot, Yang Zhi station where no reaction on the Hong Kong 1-0, to break the deadlock. Fifty-fifth minutes, Zhang Xizhe was turned back, the ball Ralph long shots, the ball high over the beam to the bottom line. After 1 minutes, Hulk Evra pass, near the spot Akira defense after the kick shot, Yang Zhi holds the ball out of the bottom line. Fifty-eighth minutes, Evra broke the ball back, in the face of a breakthrough after a low shot, the ball was obtained by Yang Zhi, Zhou Ting. Sixtieth minutes, Hulk ultra long-range shot missed the bottom line. Yilmaz fouls to a yellow card. Yilmaz burst in sixty-sixth minutes, Zhang Chengdong pass, IL maz plug, Yan Junling will attack them down, the referee whistled for a penalty, but also to the Junling yellow pigment. Yilmaz Azee相关的主题文章: