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The third session of the national artist China Folk Dance Festival – the new net curtain gathered in Dachang show for the opening of the "third China National Folk Dance Festival, Uyghur singer, Avenue of stars champion Alfa in the show. Liu Liang photo Beijing, September 28 Langfang Xinhua (reporter Song Mintao) the third session of the "Chinese Folk Dance Festival" in the afternoon of 28 Hebei Dachang Hui Autonomous County National Palace curtain, 56 ethnic folk artist representatives gathered, opened the festival prelude. This festival is jointly organized by the Association for the protection of cultural relics, China minority China International Culture amp Arts Company, celebrations will last for one year, continuously carry out a series of activities through exhibitions, performances, forums, competitions and other forms, so that people of all nationalities enjoy zero unique artistic charm of the traditional culture of ethnic minorities China. 28 afternoon, the opening ceremony of the "concentric build China dream" as the theme, presided over the famous host, recitation artist Chen duo under Haoxiliantai, melodious singing vacant, graceful dance, elegant dress, brilliant performances continuously. 56 national artist representatives from manufacturers, folk artists represent concentric harmonious China now singing, now dancing, singing carols. Vice president of the Association for the protection of minority cultural relics China Hu Lixin said that the event aims to develop the minority cultural undertakings, so that the fine traditional culture of ethnic minorities and promote the effective protection of the minority literature creation, the prosperity, the public cultural service system construction in minority areas to significantly strengthen the cultural life of the masses of all ethnic groups are more rich and colorful, happiness and gain a sense of increased significantly. Said Liu Juan, deputy magistrate of Dachang County, attended the ceremony at the opening ceremony, Hebei Dachang county is known as "Jingdong national flower" in the world, and Beijing across the river, a bridge ", is the latest from Beijing minority autonomous county. "The festival main venue located in Dachang National Palace, Dachang county to develop cultural undertakings and cultural industries, especially the inheritance and development of minority national cultural added a wonderful, the magnificent national culture here bloom." Third Folk Dance Festival director Zhou Wenjun introduction, after the third session of the National Folk Dance Festival curtain, all in one year’s time will be more exciting activities in the domestic debut, the closing ceremony will be held on September 2017. According to reports, the first China folk dance festival held in 2006, 7 consecutive games with different themes of regional Festival, the 56 national folk artists made a relatively comprehensive display. The second Chinese folk songs and dances festival held in 2010. As organized by the Ministry of culture of the tenth "meet in Beijing" Gala closing ceremony cum UNESCO cultural diversity Festival Closing ceremony, more than 800 folk artist representatives gathered in Beijing, compared with the first increase of Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan folk artist representatives. During the day celebration in Dachang National Palace, also held a special cultural and artistic creation of Dachang base "," flow "of Dunhuang Dachang teaching base" and "China minority cultural relics protection association of China)相关的主题文章: