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"The three anniversary of The Belt and Road" ride "Silk Road" of Qinghai national YOUPIN Express – Beijing, China News Agency, Xining, October 7 (Sun Rui) two days before the National Day Golden Week this year, is located in Qinghai city of Xining Chinese largest mall in Turkey passenger flow steadily, opened less than half a year, turnover reached 2 million yuan. Chairman Wu field like Turkey and Xining mall dealers face the source of organic agricultural science and Technology Development Co. Ltd. ling. Not long ago, the company’s more than and 20 tons of organic wolfberry ride on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, the first trip, the central European train arrived in Antwerp, belgium. This trip through the 9838 km of the class, about 12 days can be high-quality Tibetan carpets, wolfberry and other local products shipped to Europe, Qinghai. Himalaya carpet Co., Ltd. is the production of Qinghai home to take the central European class out of the country. Wang Yulin, chairman of the company, said: "our goods will be shipped to Antwerp, and will be delivered in the shortest possible time to more than 1 thousand European carpet retailers." Qinghai is an important channel of the ancient Silk Road South, known as the "Qinghai road", which has been very popular, and the Central Asian countries and the Arabia world formed a deep and long love contacts and cultural ties. Now, with the "The Belt and Road" development of the Tibetan Plateau and the European hinterland, the distance is constantly narrowing. Before 2013, the company exports to the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions, and the marketing model to dealers two sales." Qinghai zangyang carpet Group Co., Ltd. chairman Ma Xinmin told News Agency reporters, 2014 leveraging "The Belt and Road" construction, the company set up in the form of Direct stores in the local initiative to "go out", succeed in creating more than 40 new Russia, Turkey, Malaysia and other international markets. At present, Tibetan sheep stores have been extended to Russia, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates and other places. Ma Xinmin said: "now, the five Central Asian countries and Turkey and other countries along the silk road is very large for household woven carpet demand, we in different countries and different cultures with a variety of design woven carpet local local customs and practices. Exports in 2015 amounted to $28 million 500 thousand, "The Belt and Road ‘construction to allow enterprises to restore the vitality of benefits are obviously improved." The Qinghai Tibet Railway Company Xining CheWuDuan long Li Duohong said, start early Tibet Plateau central trains every 50 days or so, send a column, each column of the total weight of 880 tons of goods. After the operation is mature, is expected to send a column every 10 days. As the capital city of Xining, Qinghai is rich in cattle, wool (cashmere) resources, to build the world’s wool carpet manufacturing center and the international production center of Tibetan carpet. Qinghai has become China’s largest Tibetan carpet production and export base. At the same time, the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai has also become an important organic wolfberry production and export base in china. Go out at the same time in the Qinghai national products, more and more business opportunities along the Silk Road back. Ambassador of Turkmenistan Qi Lu Mo EVA Chanel? Stepin recently went to Xining for the opening of the country set up in Qinghai and trade procurement center. The center will be the two places to carry out cross-border transport, warehousing and logistics, trade exchanges important exchanges相关的主题文章: