The webcast jurisprudence involving violence and more chaos ate live insects – Beijing girl masturba tsumori chisato


The webcast jurisprudence involving violence and more chaos: ate live insects girl masturbation – the new network live jurisprudence involving violence Internet era, people always hidden desires with the network application software updates and find a way to vent. Network video live night burst red, as long as a cell phone, everyone is the anchor. As of the end of 325 million this year, China’s network has reached the size of the webcast users, accounting for about 45.8% of the total number of Internet users in the country by the end of 6. Behind the rising hot data, network broadcast platform not only the existence of jurisprudence, involving violence, etc. all kinds of problems, there is homogeneity flooding chaos. Recently, the 19 year old network platform Shenzhen female anchor for dissemination of pornographic materials involved in the crime of criminal detention. The national broadcast era, how to say no to the mess? Live by eating live insects and chaos chaos live webcast Nothing is too strange. Bo eyeball. Some time ago, a network called "chowhound Xifeng" aunt, in the network broadcast platform to broadcast video to eat all kinds of strange things. She eats raw raw bread, bulb, goldfish and other insects. Users watching live broadcast of the man to see the control of the head. Police involved in the investigation found that the two mother and child relationship, just to increase the amount of money to make money, two people use cactus and other props are handled in advance, only for the Bo eye. In May this year, the 14 year old man on the Internet, "pop up video broadcast window. Free registered members, see many provocative action, a few minutes after the break. Xiaowen tempted to enter the studio to recharge, the female anchor lured, Xiaowen has cost 10 thousand dollars. How come wrong, want a refund, was rejected, then Xiaowen parents called the police. Dialogue anchor broadcast by playing touch ball hit into the Shenyang evening news anchor criticized the dialogue in August 24th, Shenyang network reporter dialogue Shenyang local broadcast platform female anchor light rain, she told reporters, when broadcast platform had just begun, because she is watching the game player gaming play games started to live, then moved to a major broadcast on the platform, brush face is also small income. She said that the current broadcast platform has just become popular, the regulation is not perfect, too strict control of the platform, will fall off the powder, screen off a number of anchors at the same time, it will lose part of the audience." Light rain. "Now live platform management is very loose, do not have to sign a contract, registration will be able to go live. The signing of the popular platform anchor, nor to supervision, but are afraid to go to other platform anchor." Therefore, as long as the rose pink, as long as the situation can attract eyeball can live, let a lot of people want to overnight fame playing the edge ball, only broadcast pornography, obscenity, violence. Talk about making money on gifts mainly talk about money nouveau riche Red Net way to make money, Xiao Yu told reporters, in her eyes, now the video broadcast software, like set up a financing platform, and then use the popular anchor or other content to expand the number of users to make money. In fact, I think, live platform is not perfect, their own hematopoietic capacity is still very weak." Light rain. "Now there is no way to make money to live platform two, one is advertising, advertising.相关的主题文章: