There is a blue called Blue Valley, Lishui painting Guyan Township, like painting the middle – touri


There is a blue called "Blue Valley", Lishui painting Guyan Township, like the village middle painting – Sohu tourism Gu Yan, national AAAA scenic spot, is located in Zhejiang Lishui Oujiang style tourist area, Liandu District, Dagang Town Bi Town and the connection between 23 kilometers away from the urban area of Lishui scenic area, convenient transportation, landscape Juanxiu, an exquisite scenery, rich cultural heritage, ecological river is well preserved, is the state-level ecological demonstration area, is the main creative base China Photographers Association named the first "town of photography" and Chinese Barbizon painting base, called "Xiushan Lishui" miniature "landscape Zhejiang" model. The official map scenic spot ticket information Dagang head 20 yuan; Yan tou 20 yuan; boats cruise 10 yuan one-way ticket 40 yuan; three. Children below 1.2 meters, more than 70 years old 60-69 years old to hold free vouchers; old card purchase tickets for scenic spots (old people do not enjoy preferential purchase tickets) "Gu Yan" first showed a profound historical and cultural heritage, there are built in the national key cultural relics protection units in the year 505 Tongji village old quay streets, a pavilion and the ancient celadon kiln, large and small and ancient camphor tree group, to express the image of the block is true mountain water, natural simplicity of the southern town of beauty. "The village" to highlight the cultural characteristics and development orientation, have inside and outside the province, the famous "Lishui Barbizon school, built in Lishui Museum, Lishui Barbizon painting, oil painting Guyan Township, exhibition hall, painting Guyan Township branch, and professional art sketch creation base" in the water side sketch creation base "(located in the Lishui urban area 23 kilometers in Dagang Town, is teaching and training base of The China Academy of Art and high school) and Lishui Kowloon Barbizon painting creation base. From the weir village into the Guyan Township painting area, the first to see a huge camphor tree consisting of camphor group, which has become one of the symbol of the ancient village weir. Shihan, commonly known as "three", two three stone pier in Pingqiao, built in the Northern Song Dynasty politics and the first year (AD 111 years), the lower is the bridge of Tongji canal water is flowing down from the mountain, middle mountain pit water, common people, water is the world’s first overpass. This two tierzhong Yan Xie Shan Ding Pavilion wood building named "Wenchang Pavilion", Wenchang Pavilion, a piece of brick was covered with moss, full of sense of history. Chastity memorial arch, retained quite well. A failure of the composition of ancient camphor tree group, not only let the whole area is full of greenery, also witnessed a long history of ancient weir. The tree trunk is hollow, Guzhang can accommodate the number of people, amazing nature as a gift of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits, "natural disc scene", both old and clumsy and full of vigour. This tree had been struck by lightning fire, after death, and miraculously survived, described as "Kumufengchun, respect for the folk relics tree". Legend there was a custom, afraid child is not, will worship camphor as gannian, even to the name for camphor, to bless their children can grow up in peace, as longevity like camphor, camphor is therefore the hearts of the people of the village auspicious tree. Ancient weir village, although it has become a famous tourist attractions in Lishui.相关的主题文章: